It’s not looking anything like Christmas ~

It is December already and only one snow fall! Sure it has lasted almost a week, but the temps are heading back to the low 50’s! I know this has happened before in the area’s history (even the unrecorded one) so don’t start pulling the “Global warming” card on me. I am just saying that I moved here because of the cooler weather and snow. But what do I know about it? It is just a part of the season’s happenings and I WAS hoping we would get snow on both the 14th and 21st! Sigh … Just another crazy day in paradise.




It is already the end of January 2014. Living in the Dakotas you have to wonder what people think. I mean, after all, We have temps which dip down into the double digit negatives and snow is not a stranger to us. We have been having and had snow since Oct. last year! Now (@7:52pm MT) we are getting more snow… Snow I really don’t mind, but it can get a bit monotonous at the best of times. I mean you can’t go out without bundling up which puts one to mind of the mother who bundles her kid up and has to un-bundle so he can relieve himself before going out… I mean it takes 5 minutes to lace up a boot which won’t cause you to slip and slide! I would love to enjoy the snow but the prep work is exhausting. And to tell anyone you love it might get you hurt because those who have seen this all their lives hate the white stuff. Especially since most here are farmers and ranchers. All snow means no crops and possible lost of cattle.

Anyway, my point is that we here in the Dakotas have to learn to cope and most have. It is astonishing to those of us who are use to this weather and have lived with it successfully, that people in NY city and other cities who SHOULD be use to it, are actually panicking! I just chalking it up to the fact that those who do are liberals from the West Coast who have bought into the GLOBAL warming fraud. We ALWAYS have snow, short summers and unpredictable weather You stay indoors, find things to occupy your time so you don’t get cabin fever and kill each other and enjoy the time at home.