Freedom! Well sort of …

I am going to count the 2 ½ weeks with hubster gone as form of freedom. I am hoping that this will be a time where not only will I be able to relax, but that I can get things done without people interfering. The problem with that is that he told all his “friends” that I was going to be alone (as if!) and to “take care of her” … A bit degrading if you ask me. So the morning after I get back? I get an order for doggie treats and a request to “cat sit” which makes me wonder why I even try. I planned to rearrange every little nook and cranny of the place, spend time in the garden (I at least planted the two climbing roses today, but that isn’t really much.) and work on my writings (stories).
So where dose that leave me. Back where I started. I get the orders for the day by friend and phone and to heck with what I want to do. Feeling bummed.