passwords … why do we need them

My husband and I have a hard time recalling passwords and codes. We need to write them down to remember them. It use to be that all you needed for a password was three numbers or letters and you could use that same password for everything. Now you have to keep adding things to them and they are not allowed on any other site! For the elderly and people like us who just use emails to keep in touch with relatives why do people have to MAKE us constantly change our passwords!?!? The biggest problem is the fact that we can’t contact the sites to complain and those we can totally ignore our complaints. Soon I may just drop the emails and internet all together. The only problem is that the internet is free where mailing letters (a dying art) is not.

Here is something to think on… since when did greed become such a problem that we have to use ridiculously long passwords to protect ourselves from hackers when for many of us don’t have anything to steal?