Treading on ones rights ~

There are many people out there trying to take the word “GOD” off money out of the pledge and anywhere it is visible. They say it is against the rights of those who do believe? What about those who are Pagan? Those who HONOR MANY DEITIES? The thing is someone said the word GOD was a resent addition to the pledge and money. What they forget is that it is used in the CONSTITUTION! The idea of the bill of rights protects the right to the religious¬† to worship or not ANYWHERE OR HOW they wish without interference. So if you are Atheist, you don’t have to say the words, nor spend the money that seems to offend you so much. If you are of any religious persuasion you can put up your decorations while the atheists can ignore them or go else where. I am Pagan, and people think I should be offended but the display of Christmas decor and music out there. That I should protest the use of “GOD” in our society. But to be honest, I have every right to display symbols of my beliefs as well, and I personally don’t begrudge Christians their displays, holidays or wording as long as I have the same chance and they don’t go door to door saying “You can not believe that what because it offends us. Isn’t this what Atheists are close to doing? I consider the word “GOD” as a general term and I usually silently replace it with Deities. Money is money. It doesn’t bother me that it has GOD on it. It would bother me more if it didn’t. With checks and debt cards you aren’t even using money 90% of the time. Think on it. Some “Atheists” are suing a school for the word “GOD” being in the pledge. But in so doing they are treading on the constitutional rights of everyone else to chose whither or not to say the word. WHAT A WASTE of TAX PAYER’S MONEY! Who do they think pays for those frivolous lawsuits whither or not they win! Yet another sign of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Come on guys there are more important issues out there rather than the word GOD!