For those who saw Reverent… Sorry to disappoint!

I keep hearing how people are so impressed with the cinematography where Hugh Glass was chased by the bear. The problem is, all that scenery was in Canada. It doesn’t even come close to where it actually happened. So, for those who think he was in massive trees, mountains and waterfalls, I am including photos of the area where this took place. After all I did promise “Midlife Crisis” to do this and so when I went with my son on a branding/castrating and tagging job today, and to get meds. for my older dog this last week I decided to photograph the area. And with a balmy 82 degrees you can see what the area looks like without snow! The first few were taken in N. Dakota on the way to Hettinger. A small town about an hour out of the area where Hugh Glass made his run.


The next group shows the areas near Shade Hill (which if you ever visit, stop by the Summerville Store. The gal who runs it is from Germany and is a great cook! Thurs is German day and Weds is Oyster stew, all you can eat! YUM!)

Just passed Shade Hill you will find the street named after HG and road which takes you to the path he took!

As you can see the movie is far from a true depiction of where the incident occurred. And I hope you all will still come visit the Dakotas in spite of what others put out there.