Another example of Political correctness

Having several Face Book sites and friends of many religious beliefs, including Beliefs there are no Deities, Monotheists and Pagans (Polytheism), I happened to re-post a statement which said “The words are one country under GOD… Deal with it.” One of my Pagan friends chewed me out for it. The problem was that she was  saying I could not post it because she was a pagan and I was not. Funny that many Pagans use the term GOD as a general term to mean DEITY (no gender) and yet they seem to forget that the whole thing is the fact that EVERYONE has a right to worship when, where  and how they want WITHOUT being punished for it. THAT is in the Bill of Rights. We also have have the right to speak out minds WITHOUT repercussions. This TOO is int the Bill of Rights. Her saying I (Who am a PAGAN as well) have not right to post that is kind of ridiculous.  As we become more and more afraid to speak our minds and defend what we believe  is right, the more apt we are of being ruled by a dictator style country where we can no longer have our own businesses, speak our minds, worship as we wish, make money, or protect ourselves. I really hope people will see this and understand that being politically correct is NOT the way to go!