Recent rulings and those who don’t want to realize what it means for them.

It seems that the ruling in favor of  Hobby Lobby has created quite a stir in both the polytheist, and Atheist communities. They seem to think that it is a blow against their beliefs/religions. The thing is, it is not just for the Christian businesses, but for everyone. What Hobby Lobby is basically asking is don’t force them to provide things which have nothing to do with actual business. That includes condoms. Personally I applaud this ruling because it allows businesses to run their businesses as THEY see fit and not being told how to think and act as the GOVERNMENT sees fit. Think about it. Freedom of Religion, one of our basic rights in the Bill of rights, states nobody, government, dictators, kings or other religions, nations etc. HAVE A RIGHT to TELL US HOW, WHEN NOR WERE WE CAN WORSHIP/PRACTICE OUR BELIEFS. (This includes those politically correct idiots who say we can not display our religious symbols, jewelry or decorations or praying in public for fear we will offend people who are allowed to do what they want. Double standards there).  Businesses should not be FORCED to provide condoms nor contraceptives to their employees. THAT is the responsibility of the  EMPLOYEE! AND if we comply with “OBAMA CARE” most small businesses will either drop their employees or close completely. Most companies will look outside of the US for cheaper labor which is not regulated by the US! So it was not JUST for Christians, it symbolized all people who are being forced to loose their rights to a greedy administration!