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In our lives we have many friends of the four legged variety.  My life has not lacked those fur babies either. The stories I will post to this page are both fact and fiction as happened in my lifetime… Sit back and enjoy!

When I started to school, I realized that I had a guardian. I lived on a highway and had to catch the bus and get off across the way which we nicknamed “Suicide alley.” When I crossed the street and looked back at my house I saw a red fox. I didn’t think anything of it until I got home and saw her again. She would sit on a flat rock where I liked to play on the hill behind my home. The moment I got on the  side of the road where my house was, she vanished. This continued until I started driving in high school.

watcher fox on rock

My first dog was a Australian shepherd. I had him for a day and had to give him up because mother said it would not due to the fact that we were traveling and she didn’t want to drag him along with her/us. I was in grade school at the time…  I have had the pleasure of other fur babies, but that will be posted later…



11 thoughts on “LadyTeaWitch furstories

    • You are welcome. I love reading the works of others, many I just hit “like” because I am in a hurry, but there are those in there where I will put a note down so the person or persons in question know that I do read them and am very happy about the work. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  1. Hi couldn’t find a place for this recipe let me know if you like it ;
    A Classical Hungarian Goulash Recipe
    600 g beef shin or shoulder , or any tender part of the beef cut into 2×2 cm cubes.
    2 tbsps. oil or lard
    2 medium onions, chopped
    2 cloves of garlic
    1-2 carrots diced
    1 parsnip, diced
    1-2 celery leaves
    2 medium tomatoes , peeled and chopped or tbsps tomato paste
    2 fresh green peppers
    2-3 medium potatoes, sliced
    1 tbsps. .Hungarians paprika powder
    1tbp. ground caraway seed
    1 bay leaf
    ground black pepper and salt according to taste water.
    For Csipeike ( p inched noodles add to Goulash or bean soup in Hungary )Csipetke comes from the word Csipni, ,meaning pinch in English , referring to the way of this noodle.
    1 small egg
    A pinch of salt
    cc. 1 tsp. water
    Goulash is hearty enough without csipette, especially if you eat it with bread so you can leave csipetke out..
    Heat up oil the oil or lard in a pot and braise the chopped onions in it until they get a nice golden brown color.
    2) Sprinkle the braised onions with paprika powder while stirring them to prevent the paprika from burning.
    3)Add the beef cubes and sauté them till they turn white and get a bit of brownish color as well.
    4)The meat will probably let out it its own juices . let the beef cubes simmer in it while adding the grated or crushed and chopped garlic ( grated garlic has stronger flavor) the ground caraway seeds, some salt and ground black pepper , the bay leaf , pour water enough to cover the content of the pan and let it simmer on low heat for awhile.
    5)When the meat is half cooked (approx..1.5 hour, but it can take longer depending on the type and quality of the beef) add the diced carrots, parsnips and the potatoes the celery leaf and some more salt as necessary. ( vegetables tend to call for more salt). You’ll probably have to add some more (2-3 cups) water too.
    6) When the vegetables and the meal are almost done add the tomato cubes and the sliced green peppers , let it cook on low heat for another few minutes You can remove the lid of the pan if you want the soup to thicken.
    7. Bring the soup to a boil and add the csipetke dough, it needs about five minutes to get cooked.
    How to make the Csipetke
    Beat a small egg , add a pinch of salt and add much flour as you need to knead a stiif dough.(You can add some water if necessary) Flatten the dough between your palms (to about 1 cm flat) and pinch small , bean sized pieces from it and add them to the boiling soup .They need about 5 minutes to cooked
    They say this Traditional dish is a soup some say its is part soup and part stew you call it what you like. Hope you like this recipe and its what you want let me know sorry so long..

      • Sure I hope it helps let me know if that is what you like .if I have time Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I have an Event maybe I can ask some Chef ‘s for another if you like. is that all ? You said a chowder New England or Mahattan (sorry for got to spell)I won’t be writing till monday I don’t write Friday and Saturday or Sundays) This Event can be long .This one is 6am till who knows 10 or even 2 am ..Let me know ok?

      • My hubster wanted to know If you live near Detroit or SouthField, Have you heard of the Red Coat Inn? They have probably the best clam chowder in the midnorthwest. He likes both New England (which is my fav) and Manhattan Clam Chowder. As for spelling, I am not that great at it either. so no worries. Have fun! 🙂

      • No I don’t live close Never heard of the Red Coat Inn. Sorry .Never been to those places. I like Manhattan but my fav is New England . Have you guys ever been to Washing State and tried theirs ?It is really good.. Maybe I can find a copycat of Averys I think that is how they spell it ..

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