For the love of the “problem solver” man

I know this man who, no matter what, seems to fall into manure and comes up smelling like money! This man is amazing! He has maybe enough money for gas and at the end of the day comes out with two big rigs and over a thousand in cash. He  is always wheeling and dealing! He reminds me of  the movie “Wheeler Dealers” with James Garner.  It is really interesting how he swings the deals. When he moved here, he had maybe $30.00 in his wallet and at the end on the day he owned a huge bank building. In that he started a computer repair company, a tool rental business and owns a towing service! That was was within the first month.

He is amazing. Most people don’t care for him saying he is so full of himself yet he seems to be able to put his money where her mouth is. He is planning now to put up a used car lot, and two styles of restaurants. He’ll do it. He knows how to do it.