Why war?

It is sad that most men (I said most, not all) seem to think the only solution to problems is war. I think part of that problem goes way back to when started becoming jealous of the fact women could organize, think and run communities better then they did.  In history before large civilizations came about, women and female Deities were thought of as special because they could carry and create life. They worked alongside men and actually helped create thriving communities. Men became upset because they felt that THEY should be the ones adored and to rule over everyone so in history the male deities began to take over and high priests started shoving the female deities into the shadows. Later men decided that only ONE MALE GOD was appropriate and women were to be subservient to men. Women became property and lost their individuality and high status. Wars became more and more abundant.  It is no different today. Women are shoved aside and basically told that GOD demands them to be barefoot-broke-and-pregnant. They are not allowed to work construction nor do hard labor, and heaven forbid they decide to take a MAN’S job in politics! There are people who say who will side with the US in the upcoming war. The US will be destroyed in the upcoming war. And so forth. I would say if men want war, put them all on an island together to fight and leave the women to running the world. I am sure we can find ways to be a peace and prosper. Think about it.