Samhain or Halloween MY take.

This is not meant to be a put down, but some people keep posting this as a negative. Sounds like someone didn’t get to have fun on that day when they were kids… Anyway, it is a day to honor my ancestors, to dress up and be someone I am not without people looking at me like I was nuts (as if that would stop me) … It’s a time for families to participate, or not as they take their children to carnivals, houses which are lit up and decorated and allowing the elderly to remember when they were young as they pass out candy. Sure it is commercialized, what isn’t now a days. My celebrations do not include alcohol but taking a sack to treats with me to pass out to friends, neighbors so they can enjoy too.


What was I/were they thinking!

Last Thurs. I ordered a day bed frame, a mattress and bedding. One would think that would be the order they would arrive …. NOT! I got the bedding Tues. the Mattress today and I am not going to get the bed (which I need by Friday) until next week since we don’t have Saturday deliveries. One would think it would come either on the same day or in the order of frame then mattress then bedding. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!


via Daily Prompt: Yarn

Colors of many hues, made of things such as cotton, wool, flax (etc) and textures which range from soft to rough. Yarn use to be carded and hand spun but now is created by machine. There are those of us who have tried our hand at the old arts and old ways. Those who say it is hard work and a lot of trouble tend to forget that it is also rewarding and soothing as well. In an age for “I don’t have time for … ” it is well worth working with. I feel sad for those who have never even tried to work with this amazing fiber.

On the other side of the coin, yarn also refers to stories. It was once not uncommon to hear someone referring to “spinning a yarn” and even this now is vanishing from our lives and cultures. So sad …

Computers in Agriculture

There is no denying it, but computers are making their presence known in the modern Ag industry. Sure there are groups which won’t use technology for their farms, but most of the larger ranches and farms as well as some of the newer up and coming smaller operations are using computers to track their boundaries, soil samples, map where they plant, what they feed their stock and more. It is no wonder that companies such as Titan, Decisive farming corp. and Case IH are leaders in the development and use of the programs which help the farmer/rancher with their equipment, networking and running of their operations. What I do not understand is why those who are meant to encourage those who wish to enter into this growing field actually try and dissuade us instead. Sure, there are many who are not interested because they want to be in larger cities, but age or gender is no excuse to keep those of us who really want to be a part of this from learning or keeping us out of the loop.

How to handle a man … (sung to the song “How to handle a Woman” from Camelot!)

The song from Camelot fits for men too.  Mine is currently being in a woe is me persona! He really doesn’t want to go to see his son (he has never had a good relationship with him or any of his cubs) and is looking for sympathy so he says he isn’t feeling good so I say take your time. His come back? “It works and it doesn’t” then goes on to explain “I feel like every moment I am not doing things it means I probably won’t get them done because I will probably be too sick or dead!” every time I reassure him he gets worse with the attitude, so I take the line for the song “You just love him, love him, love him…” Anyone else with this problem?