Now what!

I ordered a Sour Dough Starter kit with a small crock. This will be the second time I have attempted to work with this substance. This time I hope for success. Will let you know in a few days if it works. I am hoping that it will work. Not sure what to do with the extra starter once I go through the procedure. I says I can give it away, but I think I don’t know enough people to do so.
I want this to work. It is one of the few bread activities which I have failed at . This, hopefully will get me another product to actually work with for sale. A wee bit nervous so keep our fingers crossed my friends. I am starting it tonight.

What are you looking for in life?

Why must we be so hectic, angry and self-serving? I mean, look around you! There is this beautiful world which we live in. With Technology came stress and time-clocks. People began rushing about trying to get to where-so-ever they were headed in record time to they could accomplish more and make more money to buy more “stuff”. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some of the tech out there, and working is a satisfying pass-time, but as a local priest asked, “What in the world do we need a vacuum which costs $800? It sucks!” I agree. I mean I look at all those “MUST HAVE DESIGNER BRAND” clothes, appliances and more and wonder why we (according to the adverts and our peers) Absolutely need them!
I was asked what I was looking for out of life. My answer is simple. I want peace. Oh, I don’t mean no war or such, though that would be nice, I mean peace with myself. No stress, no rushing about to earn enough to buy crap I don’t even need. I would do with out cell phones (and might still if they discontinue the flip phones), IPADS, TV, electric/computerized cars and clothes which (to me) makes you look like either a hooker or tent!
I want to spend time in nature, working on my art, poetry, prose, writings. Working with animals and in a garden, and in general only leave and go to the larger cities when I need to buy appliances, material for making clothes, clothes I can’t make on my own and entertainment (which is VERY seldom!). Peace to me is spending time with family, doing projects together and sharing ideas.
People who look down on the Amish and those who live in a similar way just because “Things/Stuff” doesn’t center around how they live will never understand this. Wanting to be without material things and to be uninterested in showing up everyone because you spent money on a $800 vacuum which you really didn’t need or $1,000 on an outfit or shoes, doesn’t make you quaint, backwards or hicks. It just means your have different priorities and values in your life. Thanks for reading.


My first rant of 2015

As a mother and wife I MUST protest what is happening to our society and people. To start off, let me say I am neither a conservative nor liberal and I prefer the Independent party to the two mainstays which look so much alike that lately the could be the same. Here is what I believe.
1. The founding fathers got it right when writing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Though we have the right to our speech, our religious beliefs etc. We don’t have the right to FORCE our beliefs on others.
2. Yes, people should help those less fortunate, but that does not mean we have to keep shelling out money for those over seas who are DEMANDING we help them while they are saying we are evil etc. There is a saying that if you give a man a fish he will feast for a day but if you TEACH a man to fish he will feast for a lifetime. If you look at what we did to the Indians making them dependent on handouts to the point where they would rather not be independent but dependent, then you will see a failed experiment.
3. Our government (or rather the Pres.) thinks they know how we should live better than we do. They made it so that we are so regulated that we no longer can work without penalties. And as for the so-called affordable insurance act, that is a complete disaster. We are told we are going to be fined if we don’t have it. I can’t afford it but that doesn’t matter. I can’t take meds., and I seldom go to the hospital (usually taking someone else.) It has nothing for preventative medicine, dental, visual nor Chiropractic. I am not a cookie-cutter citizen, which is what THAT insurance is. I am too old for Medicaid and too young for Medicare. I am not working except for the occasional order for baked goods or teas, none of which are worth shipping since the items I sell cost less than it costs to ship them. I can’t afford to hire people to help nor a “website,” “brick and mortar,” nor the advertising to draw attention to them. In short I want to work (no one is hiring due to the red-tape, distance between my town and jobs, my age and gender. So where do I get the money for the penalties for NOT having his insurance? I don’t.
4. People who can’t work for various reasons are not necessarily lazy, stupid, lovers of welfare. There are those of us who want to work and are put into the category of lazy while being told the jobs we want are going to illegals. We WILL survive because we know how without subsidies and handouts.

There is a blogger who keeps saying that the US is dying. That we will no longer be able to get food and there will be rioting. I don’t believe it will happen in the rural areas because those who live here are farmers, ranchers and people who can survive by raising their own foods. In the big cities there are regulations, which forbid gardens, goat, chickens and other means to feed us. They force us to rely on foodstamps and other handouts instead of allowing us to take care of our families and ourselves. No, the US is not dying it is sleeping until the idiots who tell us we can’t take care of ourselves will be kicked out and we start doing what we know is right!

I sing a song of hermits

I hate crowds. I don’t play well with others, I love being alone in nature, I want to be alone…. These are the sentiments of someone who could make a great hermit. I think that might be true of many of us who like our privacy, and no one prying into our lives. What about you? Are you feeling like singing a song of hermits?

Something to think about…

I have been bored with technology lately. The phones they are trying to get us to buy eat up more time and memory just so we can have “access to the world” information, Satellites actually give literally ANYONE access to where you are located at any time, and people can track you whither or not your phone is turned on. Facebook (I have heard) is planning to force people to give out information whither we want it or not, and are planning to make us pay for the privilege of keeping in touch with our families. I find TV filled with stupidity and lies. We are tied to our homes by tech, as well as our cars which are getting close to thinking for us as well. I made the comment to a friend that we should drop all the tech and go back to nature by going off the grid. He said we/I would never make it a day. I tend to beg to differ. I feel the only thing I would miss would be my music and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I have been without a TV since 2005 and have found it refreshing since 90% of TV are scripted reality shows, bleeding heart liberals who what us to cry at everything and give what money we have earned to those who refuse to work, or politicians. I do like my DVD’s, but if I go off grid, I would not have electricity for either that, radio, cds or computer. Funny thing, those I do not consider priority. Sooooo, who else could think they could make it without tech hanging over their heads or chaining them to their homes, cars etc.?

My dream spot …

Ever dream of a place where you would like to be? There are times that I do. I use this idea when I write, sketch, meditate (etc.) It is a place where I see trees, mountains, a huge garden (well, actually 2 gardens since one is vegetables and fruits while the other is herbs and spices.) water features, (water fall, lake, rivers …) caves in the mountain where I have attached a nice cabin. I would have a barn for my animals, and a place to store all the things I feel are important. I would make sure there was plenty of room between my house and civilization. I would have a large sunken kitchen, and a winding set of stairs which would vanish into the back of the house leading to bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. On the other side you will find an open living room area. A little behind that would be a huge study/library and craft room. I would have horses, chickens, some rabbits and a milk cow or two. The rest is foggy since I am not sure where to go from there. Hope this little dream home gives someone an incentive to think up other styles of homes. Why not post your dream property/home as well? Have fun.

Where are their heads?

I am sorry for this rant, but please bear with me! I keep seeing all these people (Mostly people who have NO idea what life is like on a farm or in areas where people actually live off the land. They cry out “Animal Cruelty!” and “Eat plants not meat!” There was a senator who visited a farm where they raised beef and processed it for markets. The idiot cried out “Why don’t you leave these ‘poor creatures’ alone and get meat like the rest of us in a store!” Then you have those who say “We should not eat meat. We should only eat vegetables and fruits because we are killing Innocent creatures who don’t do us any harm!” And then you have the PETA group who demanded farmers use the branding irons on themselves to see how the cow feels! These people should be locked up.
First off many animals are raised for food. Those who hunt, are keeping the balance of nature in check and Cow hides are so much denser than our frail flesh. To brand ourselves would be torture. To brand a cow/calf/bull doesn’t really hurt them like it would us. These people should spend the summer working on a farm/ranch to see how things are done and WHY! If you don’t know the cow out before you slit its throat you could end up dead! Come on people! We also have both flat teeth AND Canines! We are meant to eat both the leafy stuff AND meat! Do your research, but do it hands on so you know what you are talking about. I only kill for two reasons. First is food and the second is to protect my family and property. Someone said killing an animal is like killing a human. Boy, I wonder where they learned that! From the crap spread by liberals? Think about it!

Refresh, redo, re….

Spring. The flowers are suppose to bloom, the trees are suppose to have regrowth and those who have been stuck indoors all winter due to weather in the genitive double digits are chomping at the bit to get out of doors and tear up old gardens to make new ones. My household is the same. I have been pouring over seed catalogs, checking out places like Better Homes and Gardens and DIY network (when I go to mom’s ~ I don’t have TV), the internet and other sources  for ideas to spruce up my garden area.  We have a three page list (which is growing in leaps and bounds) for our 3 month spring/summer projects. <sigh> The trouble with wanting to live in snow country is you don’t get long warm months to complete it all! Well, it gives us something to look forward to during the next snowy season!

Smile, it doesn’t hurt and makes people wonder what you are up to!

The new is the old

With the rise of prices from food to clothes and more, we must look to taking on more. For example,  instead of buying our vegetables and fruits at such high prices we should start gardens. Instead of buying “designer” clothes, make our own. Decorate with our talents instead of buying things to do so.  I took two patterns for night gowns and designed one I liked. It is warmer than what I have purchased in the past. Instead of paying 5.00 and up for two heads of broccoli I plant it and gain many meals for less and it is always fresh unlike what I get in the store which dies within a day or two. I have made very simple curtains and painted pictures decorating the frames with things I collected from nature. Picking wild flowers doesn’t cost 9.00 a dozen and is just a pretty! I make my own bread, muffins and pastries which in the long run cost more and taste better than what I see in the store. If you know of people who have chickens, offer to buy some of their excess, or trade by using them in baked goods that you can share with them. Barter (another old concept) is another thing you should think about. If you have a skill and someone has something you need, offer to do work in exchange for the object(s). We bartered some jewelry for a sale boat! That was fun taking it down the coast from LA to San Diego. Took us all night, but it was worth it! Many of these concepts are old and yet they are new to those who never have experienced it. Remember this… Everything old WILL become new again!