I thought electronics were suppose to make things easier! Now I have to carry a book around to handle all the new “Strong” passwords, phrases and codes for all my ATM cards, emails, vendors, banks, and other things that these things are required of us! Lady forbid that I transpose a number or forget to update the book each time I add or revise something. Passwords use to be 4 letters/numbers &/or symbols! Now they are 8+ and if you don’t do it right, you are locked out.  Sometimes I think we should get rid of all these devices and life would be so much easier!

Pipe line truth or dare!

I happen to be Cree, and I also have happened to do my research on the pipe line and what is happening in N. Dakota.

  1. The pipe line is not on Indian land.
  2. There are 5 other pipe lines which date back to the late 1800’s which are probably more apt to leak and cause more damage than what is currently being installed.
  3. Those who are postdating this are like the scabbers who were brought into the area to disrupt negotiations with union reps.back during the time of Taft.
  4. If they were so worried about this why did they wait until all the LEGAL permits were issued  They were invited to talk about their concerns but never showed.
  5. Those who are protesting are thug and have caused more harm to those who live and work the lands of N. Dakota as well as disrupting traffic and causing harm to those not even involved.

Sure we have a right to demonstrate or voice our protests, but in a peaceful way. I know I may not be popular with my opinions, but I state things as I see them and in this case once I have done the research. It saddens me that we have become so reliant on the idea that government should care for us and that we should make people pay for the crimes of those who the current population had no control over. I say we should cut the apron strings and start taking responsibility for our own lives and our own actions. PC only weakens us and relying on those to tell us what to do when we know it is NOT the right thing also undermines our welfare and  our lives.  Get rid of those who are telling us that violence is right. And get rid of those who threaten this country by paying thugs and people from other states to do their dirty work and claim it is for the good of the Native Americans. THAT is a down right lie!  To get rid of the pipeline will also make us vulnerable to those who control the oil in other countries. Let’s get over this crap and get back to living our lives without violence.

Nothing in particular, yet everything

It seems as this year has flown by I become more thoughtful. Though I am not sure that is the correct word at this point in time. It could be, but not sure. With all the ads on TV, internet and the like it sort of drags me down. Yes, I know there are kids in other countries who are starving, but shouldn’t we take care of our own first before sending ad to other countries. The US  has sent so much money to places like Somalia, India, Africa etc. to rebuild those places three times over.  But does it ever get to where it is meant to go? We now have threats of disease from the immigrants who come to our country illegally or people who visit 3 world countries and then come here. How do we stop it? Why weren’t those kids being shipped to us from Mexico either sent back or quarantined until they were proven healthy. Many of those who came over from Europe during the wars in the early 1800’s were kept on Ellis Island and checked for disease before being allowed in. THEY followed the rules yet now our LIBERAL MINORITY are allowing people in, demanding they be allowed to just be brought into this country and dumped on those who really can’t afford this influx of new people. YES, I agree they need help, but we have our own problems and those diseases which we had eradicated, are now coming back with a vengeance! Are we to pay the price for those who do not follow the rules? We need to close our boarders and make sure those coming in have a clean bill of health AND are coming in LEGALLY.  I heard a priest once applaud an illegal for coming into our country underneath the frame of a truck, saying this kid had a right to be here. I do not agree. If he did it legally instead of cutting the line, the job he took would have gone to someone HERE who needed the work. People keep telling me that Americans are lazy bums and don’t want to work. I beg to differ. I am an American. I WANT to work yet every place I have applied over my life has been taken from me by OUR system and been given to those who are migrant workers, and illegals. I am told I can not do the work on a farm because I am not Mexican, male nor a teenager. YET, I am able (at age 55) to climb up on a roof, tear off the old roofing and paper in two days and replace it in two. With one person helping. ANOTHER WOMAN! And NEITHER of us are immigrants, Mexicans nor male. So tell me. What is it with the noisy idiots who scream we need illegals to work because Americans won’t? Open your eyes people! You are being fed crap and you are believing it, and because of it our country and the people here are having our lives put in danger. DO THE RESEARCH instead of believing those who say what I say is wrong. I WANT you to find the truth and start thinking for yourselves and being led to destruction by lies from the moral MINORITY!

Choices are an illution

I just got a rude awakening today. We are suppose to be able to CHOOSE what we want and hopefully get it. Today I found out this is not the case, ESPECIALLY on the internet. I happen to hate most of the homepages offered on the net. Yahoo, Google, MSN all tend to show news, trending crap and other things I don’t want nor am interested in. I USE to like AVAST because it let me CHOOSE my home page. For the last few days, however, it is been telling me I had to chance my home page because it is considered a virus! A home page I have used the last three years! Finally I had no choice and (since my eyesight is having problems even with my glasses I can’t see clearly) I chose MSN THINKING I could reinstate my home page. WRONG! I can no longer change my home page now. I HATE IT! All three I listed are now (if you choose them or not) PERMANENT! I want my home page back! I know I am ranting, but between that and having to make my passwords more complicated everyday, I am having real issues of government control, so-called “big brother” and anyone else who interferes in my choices in life of which they have no business in keeping me from!

Concerns ~ Priorities

This is a rant. It is meant to get people to wake up and think. All you need to do is open your eyes and do the research to see that what is listed can be proved and is true.

I know we must help where we can and actually keep track of other countries, but shouldn’t we start taking care of our own country before we squander what we need here on people who are always holding out their hands for more yet at the same time they are badmouthing us and saying we are ruining their countries? Think about it. Down through history people who have helped others selflessly have always had to keep doling out the funds and supplies for those countries. Yes, at first they are grateful, but then they start relying on those gifts and actually quit trying to better their countries themselves. Look at the welfare system here. These things were a means to supplement the user until they could get back on there feet. MOST of those on welfare have been on it for MANY generations. And many have been able to manipulate the system so they have fancy cars, beautiful homes and they haven’t worked a day in their life, yet they complain that “we are poor and starving!”
I think that the old adage “GIVE a man some fish and he will eat for a day but TEACH the same man to fish and he will eat a long time.” We need to stop giving and start teaching. AND if they refuse to learn they never will so they are on their own. We should look also to our own boarders and get our people off the welfare rolls. The Government is regulating the small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS! We need to start training those on welfare, educating them and get them to start their own businesses instead of relying of the government. Protect our own boarders and actually get rid of instead of drawing in those here ILLEGALLY.  Don’t reward them for being bad. They won’t  help our country except to get free help which they don’t work for. I am tired of being told I am neither a man nor Mexican so I can’t work on farms or ranches. Don’t tell me they are the only ones allowed to do our work for us.  THINK ABOUT IT!

passwords … why do we need them

My husband and I have a hard time recalling passwords and codes. We need to write them down to remember them. It use to be that all you needed for a password was three numbers or letters and you could use that same password for everything. Now you have to keep adding things to them and they are not allowed on any other site! For the elderly and people like us who just use emails to keep in touch with relatives why do people have to MAKE us constantly change our passwords!?!? The biggest problem is the fact that we can’t contact the sites to complain and those we can totally ignore our complaints. Soon I may just drop the emails and internet all together. The only problem is that the internet is free where mailing letters (a dying art) is not.

Here is something to think on… since when did greed become such a problem that we have to use ridiculously long passwords to protect ourselves from hackers when for many of us don’t have anything to steal?