Happy Yule!

So for all those of us who celebrate the winter solstice/Yule. I wish you all a Merry Yuletide. For those who celebrate I wish your happiness on your favorite seasonal holiday!


End of an age beginning of another?

As this year draws to a close, I wonder if we will learn from our past misdirections and misdeeds then grow with it, or are we going to ignore everything and continue on the course which some idiot set for us. WE are the writers of our destiny. THAT is what free will is all about. We can either go down by doing nothing or choose to change ourselves, the world. I am not saying that “fate” or “destiny” doesn’t exist. In some areas it does. It is there to help us grow, but it is OUR CHOICES which make all the difference in the world. So as the bell tones midnight on the last day of December, remember, it is up to us to either make this world worse or better.  Happy New Years!

Made it through …. What a thing to say!

With a heavy sigh I have to utter these horrifying words “Well, I made it through Christmas!” Now don’t get me wrong, I love the season winter with Yule, Christmas, decorations, music and snow. The problem is that this year I couldn’t get it together! Everything fell a bit flat. I wanted to bake, looked at the stove and felt like heaving! THIS IS NOT ME! I tell myself and try to force the issue. Problem is that in a way, it was me. I don’t know if it was a lack of a support system, my son not even caring to help by decorating our house and his grandmas. Maybe it was the fact that my husband was miserable driving 200+ miles a day just to pay off bills. I just can’t seem to figure it out! I did (finally) get my birthday tree and decorated it. I even decorated the huge window in white cascading icicle lights and LED bulbs.

Birthday tree Simple fan decor Head of the bed Bedroom Door 1 Bedroom door 2 Stairway to hev... I mean bedroom Birthday tree view 2

Then Hubster asked for me to decorate the bedroom. Which I did and he “SEEMED” to really appreciate it. Then there were the cards. I was late getting those out as well! I felt like I was drowning in the season rather than enjoying it.

Now we hope for the fresh, new year!


My favorite time of year, or at least one of them. When the leaves seem to catch fire, as the air becomes crisp, not only when you breathe it in, but when it touches you as well. The smell of fire places being lit for the first time all season. Kids are heading back to school and parents are happy that they don’t have to worry about them from 8 – 3:30 At least in some states/towns. Sweaters are being brought out to be aired out, long pants, tights, boots, and long sleeved shirts. Straw hats are being replaced by those styles with flaps, or woven from wool. Soon the final harvest is complete and pumpkins are being displayed. Children (and adults) will be going out in costumes, to have fun, trick-or-treating and sharing laughs. Ah, my kind of fun and a great beginning, of a new year!


Today was wonderful! The temperature was warm but not overly so, the sun shone bright and the winds were minimal. I think it was a perfect day for Beltane! Just wish I had a May pole and ribbons so my friends and I could have celebrated the day properly. I (unfortunately … to a point) had a 5 lb. dog bone/treat order I worked on. My friend Heather (you know the one whom I mentioned was running for city council and lost?) came over and together we worked on the order. She gets a portion of the extra bones for her dog and some cash. It’s not much, but it gets her some time on her phone.
We chat and discuss dreams of what we want for the future. It was just a very nice way to celebrate the wondrous day!