Where can one live to be alone?

I have the travel bug again. I am looking for a piece of property near the Canadian boarder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I don’t want to be a big city, and a small town is nice, but I want to live in the wilderness. I have been in cities, small towns and in rural areas, but they are all the same … filled with personalities who tend to drag you down. When I think I have actually found a place that is perfect, the prices skyrocket to the realm of ridiculously unattainable.  My husband is more interested in a small lot somewhere with only an acre or two. Trouble is that means we have to be in a town or somewhere where I can not have small farm animals, nor a place to hunt/fish for food should I not make it to town.

Ah well. One can always hope that they can find the ideal place in the right price, but for me, I am still looking.

Warm day …

Seems that winter has finally broken its hold on S. Dakota.  Despite the wind I have found it to be more of the August weather rather than May.  I started out with a sweat shirt and had to pair down to my skirt and sleeveless shirt (I wear this style shirt all year round, but usually layered).  I mowed the lawn and it was just dirt/dust that came up. I am afraid to do the weed & feed I would not have ANY green on the lawn area. So far with the dogs most of the grass is gone.  I am planning on doing the 6′ fence this year, at least on one side. Wish it could be more but unless I can get my craft business off the ground that will be the best I can do.  What do you think about caning and basket weaving? I can fit both in the little studio without much hassle. More later!

Spring = Change = Projects for home and property (Challenge!)

People forget that in the past Spring cleaning meant not only to air out the house and clean up from the poor weather, but it meant repairs, preparing the ground for gardening, and more. It’s that way in my household. Though I don’t have to replace a rush covered floor or muck out where the animals slept like in the medieval times and prior, I still find myself and my husband looking at the color scheme of the house and agreeing that we are not happy with the colors of three areas (Den, dinning room and hall) We already changed the color in the den from gray and plum to shades of green (Much better!) Now we are trying to find a pale orange which is also bright rather than dark for the hall and greens for the dining area. We are also looking at planting flower patches outside instead of just veggies and herbs. I want colors but finding vibrant perennials which survive in zone 4 is nearly impossible! I found out he also wants 2 shed (one for his tools and one set up for crafting and a tea house), and a double carport. It takes away space from my gardening but they are needed. I want to do certain styles so it will fit into my idea of a meditation garden (which I still argue with him about). We have maybe 3, but more like 2 good months here for outdoor projects. The rest of the time there is snow, cold and ice to contend with. My challenge to you is to actually put together a plan for you Spring Project lists. And post them. I bet we can actually come up with a lot of great ideas if we share them with each other! BB

Something to think about…

I have been bored with technology lately. The phones they are trying to get us to buy eat up more time and memory just so we can have “access to the world” information, Satellites actually give literally ANYONE access to where you are located at any time, and people can track you whither or not your phone is turned on. Facebook (I have heard) is planning to force people to give out information whither we want it or not, and are planning to make us pay for the privilege of keeping in touch with our families. I find TV filled with stupidity and lies. We are tied to our homes by tech, as well as our cars which are getting close to thinking for us as well. I made the comment to a friend that we should drop all the tech and go back to nature by going off the grid. He said we/I would never make it a day. I tend to beg to differ. I feel the only thing I would miss would be my music and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I have been without a TV since 2005 and have found it refreshing since 90% of TV are scripted reality shows, bleeding heart liberals who what us to cry at everything and give what money we have earned to those who refuse to work, or politicians. I do like my DVD’s, but if I go off grid, I would not have electricity for either that, radio, cds or computer. Funny thing, those I do not consider priority. Sooooo, who else could think they could make it without tech hanging over their heads or chaining them to their homes, cars etc.?

My dream spot …

Ever dream of a place where you would like to be? There are times that I do. I use this idea when I write, sketch, meditate (etc.) It is a place where I see trees, mountains, a huge garden (well, actually 2 gardens since one is vegetables and fruits while the other is herbs and spices.) water features, (water fall, lake, rivers …) caves in the mountain where I have attached a nice cabin. I would have a barn for my animals, and a place to store all the things I feel are important. I would make sure there was plenty of room between my house and civilization. I would have a large sunken kitchen, and a winding set of stairs which would vanish into the back of the house leading to bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. On the other side you will find an open living room area. A little behind that would be a huge study/library and craft room. I would have horses, chickens, some rabbits and a milk cow or two. The rest is foggy since I am not sure where to go from there. Hope this little dream home gives someone an incentive to think up other styles of homes. Why not post your dream property/home as well? Have fun.