Now what!

I ordered a Sour Dough Starter kit with a small crock. This will be the second time I have attempted to work with this substance. This time I hope for success. Will let you know in a few days if it works. I am hoping that it will work. Not sure what to do with the extra starter once I go through the procedure. I says I can give it away, but I think I don’t know enough people to do so.
I want this to work. It is one of the few bread activities which I have failed at . This, hopefully will get me another product to actually work with for sale. A wee bit nervous so keep our fingers crossed my friends. I am starting it tonight.

Here we go again~

It seems that the men of this town are at it again. One has left his so called friends in a lurch by taking a job without discussing it first and so abandoning a steady business he was suppose to be building. And I just found out that I may have a partner I neither wanted nor needed who is going to help “keep me in my place” by dictating to me how and what I am to put in my “shop” to sell! (no “pagan” items which to them include jewelry, candles, herbs, incense etc.).

It is funny how the people I had hoped would stand by me and stand up for my rights have turned on me and are now siding with those I told I wanted nothing to do with! These self same people pulled this back around 1992-95 when the got involved with people I said I wanted nothing to do with, and they basically took our inventory, sold it all and vanished leaving us with tons of bills that they, not we, ran up! Funny how after they said they would listen and trust me, they are pulling us back into the same situation as back then, and they still won’t heed my warnings! I am wondering if they will ever learn!

Update on shed project.

Sorry this is not in a true order. This is the shed project that my husband, son and I have been working on.  The lab is Sadie and the trellis is the entrance to the back yard. It is getting there. And it is taking longer and is more expensive than we counted on, but in the end this workshop will give me a place to do my crafts and will last longer than the prefab sheds that the local hardware store sells. This one is done right!

Life Happens

Not sure how things get away with us, but it happens. I thought when I got my new computer I would ease into things and zip through all my on line tasks … Best laid plans … comes to mind. When the hubster came back from visiting his friend in Michigan he decided to bring in a guy to “help” set up my shed. The guy showed up one day and vanished. Sooo what happens next? My son is asked to help and gets sick so I start helping. So far the work shop has a beginning of the roof, a door and two windows. It is also wrapped. I FINALLY get some time to post at least one post, so I decided to post this. Life happens and despite distractions and errands, we may have the exterior finished by next week! I will post some pix of the progress tomorrow evening after we get the roof on. Blessings to those who read my blogs and I hope things will get back to a normal dull roar by Thanksgiving.

Sunshine projects ~ If there is enough time …

Seems that when I want to do things I either have no time nor money. This year I actually found a part time position with the local museum. This is probably a 15 – 20 hour position and my other half has decided that the money is going to a shed/workshop/shop that he wants me to hone a business out of. Not that I am down on that idea, but it seems every time I want to do something, HE decides to wedge himself into my plans and makes them his. (same goes with any money I make lately!) I really want MY business to work, but I have a feeling it won’t be mine for much longer.
Also, we are getting the floor into the screened in porch. Dogs (and a couple of stray cats) will be thrilled that there won’t be any slats to slip through! I have a list of things needing repaired and revamped before the next storm hits. Hope there is time.

Spring = Change = Projects for home and property (Challenge!)

People forget that in the past Spring cleaning meant not only to air out the house and clean up from the poor weather, but it meant repairs, preparing the ground for gardening, and more. It’s that way in my household. Though I don’t have to replace a rush covered floor or muck out where the animals slept like in the medieval times and prior, I still find myself and my husband looking at the color scheme of the house and agreeing that we are not happy with the colors of three areas (Den, dinning room and hall) We already changed the color in the den from gray and plum to shades of green (Much better!) Now we are trying to find a pale orange which is also bright rather than dark for the hall and greens for the dining area. We are also looking at planting flower patches outside instead of just veggies and herbs. I want colors but finding vibrant perennials which survive in zone 4 is nearly impossible! I found out he also wants 2 shed (one for his tools and one set up for crafting and a tea house), and a double carport. It takes away space from my gardening but they are needed. I want to do certain styles so it will fit into my idea of a meditation garden (which I still argue with him about). We have maybe 3, but more like 2 good months here for outdoor projects. The rest of the time there is snow, cold and ice to contend with. My challenge to you is to actually put together a plan for you Spring Project lists. And post them. I bet we can actually come up with a lot of great ideas if we share them with each other! BB

Annual Cheesecake…

Tomorrow I will be baking the strawberry Cheesecake for the  radio personality down in Spearfish, SD. I have been making one for him each year at this time since 2009. I do it because in 2008 I was at a local Farm and Home show selling my teas and giving samples of cheesecake and other baked goods. He went to all the other booths but came back and sat at mine and made me feel welcome. I told him for that he would get one from me every year at the same show. He thought I was kidding! When he came back the following year I presented him with the cheesecake and have been doing so ever since. Friday is the show and tomorrow I will bake the cake putting the topping on Friday AM. I will post photos of this tomorrow and Friday. I do know it never makes it back to Spearfish. He usually shares it with a few fiends. His show is Country Cafe of the Airwaves and he is a wonderful person.