When did this become a board to air hatred?

I was so happy that the election was over. No more hatred spewed on the hearsay of others … NOT There is a line to be drawn in the sand, do it another way!  Yes, I rant, but it is to get something off my chest, not to do a long standing grudge against a man who knows more about foreign policy and business than carrier politicians!  He is enforcing laws already on the books, not sending everyone back who has stayed within the letter of the law.  Those who are here illegally should either do the right thing and go through the process of becoming legal, not just saying because I am a poor little refugee that I have a right to come here without going through the proper channels.  The LAWS are clear. Those who blame him for enforcing those laws and say they want to leave because he got elected and is doing the enforcing should not let the door hit them on the way out.  I am sorry for this outburst, but I am getting tired of all the rhetoric which should be over and done with. Yes, you have a right to YOUR opinion but it should be an INFORMED opinion, not just spreading stuff that is what a preschooler would spread!

What are you looking for in life?

Why must we be so hectic, angry and self-serving? I mean, look around you! There is this beautiful world which we live in. With Technology came stress and time-clocks. People began rushing about trying to get to where-so-ever they were headed in record time to they could accomplish more and make more money to buy more “stuff”. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some of the tech out there, and working is a satisfying pass-time, but as a local priest asked, “What in the world do we need a vacuum which costs $800? It sucks!” I agree. I mean I look at all those “MUST HAVE DESIGNER BRAND” clothes, appliances and more and wonder why we (according to the adverts and our peers) Absolutely need them!
I was asked what I was looking for out of life. My answer is simple. I want peace. Oh, I don’t mean no war or such, though that would be nice, I mean peace with myself. No stress, no rushing about to earn enough to buy crap I don’t even need. I would do with out cell phones (and might still if they discontinue the flip phones), IPADS, TV, electric/computerized cars and clothes which (to me) makes you look like either a hooker or tent!
I want to spend time in nature, working on my art, poetry, prose, writings. Working with animals and in a garden, and in general only leave and go to the larger cities when I need to buy appliances, material for making clothes, clothes I can’t make on my own and entertainment (which is VERY seldom!). Peace to me is spending time with family, doing projects together and sharing ideas.
People who look down on the Amish and those who live in a similar way just because “Things/Stuff” doesn’t center around how they live will never understand this. Wanting to be without material things and to be uninterested in showing up everyone because you spent money on a $800 vacuum which you really didn’t need or $1,000 on an outfit or shoes, doesn’t make you quaint, backwards or hicks. It just means your have different priorities and values in your life. Thanks for reading.


Time, stress, the holidays, and the results there in.

As the year rushes to a close (again) I have come to the conclusion that we are relying too much on technology, and the clock. We have become a slave to time and technology and because of this we become too wrapped up in these things and let them rule our lives. I also seem to see that with the upcoming holidays as well. All three tend to stress us out without us realizing it. We become wrapped up in presents, decorations, fancy clothes/parties. We want to emulate those who have money and yet no matter how hard we strive to reach that perfection we find ourselves no closer and full of stress. When we get stressed, our reaction is to eat, binge, cry a lot and want to pull our hair out. We gain weight we do not need, and tension we can do without. I know. I don’t work in the business world, so I don’t have a steady income which may or may not rid me of some of that stress. I also have let go of some of the technology, or rather refuse it. Time? I hope that I am trying not to get wound up in the hectic world ruled by time and it’s restraints.  I know that I am trying hard to become more comfortable in the world without being trapped by its hooks of having to do something by a certain time. I am trying to get my crafts out to those who might be looking for something different and yet not be tied down by the need for deadlines and money. It may never work out, or maybe it might. My wish for all you who read this is that your can find your ground and not be caught in the web which tightens its grip around us all and tries to get us hooked on all these things which stress us out and make us ill.

Something to think about…

I have been bored with technology lately. The phones they are trying to get us to buy eat up more time and memory just so we can have “access to the world” information, Satellites actually give literally ANYONE access to where you are located at any time, and people can track you whither or not your phone is turned on. Facebook (I have heard) is planning to force people to give out information whither we want it or not, and are planning to make us pay for the privilege of keeping in touch with our families. I find TV filled with stupidity and lies. We are tied to our homes by tech, as well as our cars which are getting close to thinking for us as well. I made the comment to a friend that we should drop all the tech and go back to nature by going off the grid. He said we/I would never make it a day. I tend to beg to differ. I feel the only thing I would miss would be my music and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I have been without a TV since 2005 and have found it refreshing since 90% of TV are scripted reality shows, bleeding heart liberals who what us to cry at everything and give what money we have earned to those who refuse to work, or politicians. I do like my DVD’s, but if I go off grid, I would not have electricity for either that, radio, cds or computer. Funny thing, those I do not consider priority. Sooooo, who else could think they could make it without tech hanging over their heads or chaining them to their homes, cars etc.?

Father’s Day

I am one of those who have lost their father. My dad was great! He took me fishing, taught me how to bait my own hooks, and gut the fish. He helped me learn about the ways of life when we had to behead a very old hen. He got me Repete (Female rabbit) and helped me raise the bunnies. He helped teach me to drive, and even was there when I learned to ride. My dad was everything to me. When I was in College, he was told he had tumors on the brain. Too advanced … sorry. I was devastated. I learned to be brave and to give him up even when I didn’t want to.
I didn’t cry at his funeral because I did it when he was sick and in pain. I guess most people will never understand this and say I am heartless, for me being heartless is wishing he would never die. I could never do that to him. He passed in the early 80’s and I wish he could have had the same influence on my son as he did on me. Aside from that, I wish to say to him Thank you for being there for me. I miss you.


Freedom! Well sort of …

I am going to count the 2 ½ weeks with hubster gone as form of freedom. I am hoping that this will be a time where not only will I be able to relax, but that I can get things done without people interfering. The problem with that is that he told all his “friends” that I was going to be alone (as if!) and to “take care of her” … A bit degrading if you ask me. So the morning after I get back? I get an order for doggie treats and a request to “cat sit” which makes me wonder why I even try. I planned to rearrange every little nook and cranny of the place, spend time in the garden (I at least planted the two climbing roses today, but that isn’t really much.) and work on my writings (stories).
So where dose that leave me. Back where I started. I get the orders for the day by friend and phone and to heck with what I want to do. Feeling bummed.

Concerns ~ Priorities

This is a rant. It is meant to get people to wake up and think. All you need to do is open your eyes and do the research to see that what is listed can be proved and is true.

I know we must help where we can and actually keep track of other countries, but shouldn’t we start taking care of our own country before we squander what we need here on people who are always holding out their hands for more yet at the same time they are badmouthing us and saying we are ruining their countries? Think about it. Down through history people who have helped others selflessly have always had to keep doling out the funds and supplies for those countries. Yes, at first they are grateful, but then they start relying on those gifts and actually quit trying to better their countries themselves. Look at the welfare system here. These things were a means to supplement the user until they could get back on there feet. MOST of those on welfare have been on it for MANY generations. And many have been able to manipulate the system so they have fancy cars, beautiful homes and they haven’t worked a day in their life, yet they complain that “we are poor and starving!”
I think that the old adage “GIVE a man some fish and he will eat for a day but TEACH the same man to fish and he will eat a long time.” We need to stop giving and start teaching. AND if they refuse to learn they never will so they are on their own. We should look also to our own boarders and get our people off the welfare rolls. The Government is regulating the small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS! We need to start training those on welfare, educating them and get them to start their own businesses instead of relying of the government. Protect our own boarders and actually get rid of instead of drawing in those here ILLEGALLY.  Don’t reward them for being bad. They won’t  help our country except to get free help which they don’t work for. I am tired of being told I am neither a man nor Mexican so I can’t work on farms or ranches. Don’t tell me they are the only ones allowed to do our work for us.  THINK ABOUT IT!

Why war?

It is sad that most men (I said most, not all) seem to think the only solution to problems is war. I think part of that problem goes way back to when started becoming jealous of the fact women could organize, think and run communities better then they did.  In history before large civilizations came about, women and female Deities were thought of as special because they could carry and create life. They worked alongside men and actually helped create thriving communities. Men became upset because they felt that THEY should be the ones adored and to rule over everyone so in history the male deities began to take over and high priests started shoving the female deities into the shadows. Later men decided that only ONE MALE GOD was appropriate and women were to be subservient to men. Women became property and lost their individuality and high status. Wars became more and more abundant.  It is no different today. Women are shoved aside and basically told that GOD demands them to be barefoot-broke-and-pregnant. They are not allowed to work construction nor do hard labor, and heaven forbid they decide to take a MAN’S job in politics! There are people who say who will side with the US in the upcoming war. The US will be destroyed in the upcoming war. And so forth. I would say if men want war, put them all on an island together to fight and leave the women to running the world. I am sure we can find ways to be a peace and prosper. Think about it.