I sing a song of hermits

I hate crowds. I don’t play well with others, I love being alone in nature, I want to be alone…. These are the sentiments of someone who could make a great hermit. I think that might be true of many of us who like our privacy, and no one prying into our lives. What about you? Are you feeling like singing a song of hermits?

Music and moods

Music touches your soul, you emotions.

Have you ever listed to a song which made you want to dance, fight, play, sleep? Music plays on our emotions, the beat bringing us up or down sometimes even causing people to want to fight. On that note, the drum circles send messages to our blood, pumping it faster or slower with the tempo while bells raise our spirits as do trumpets and other interments. It seems that people who put the music to movies know this. I have listened to the theme music from several movies and have found that they will either get me hyper or put me to sleep. I wonder if anyone else has seen this? Right now I would use a bit of chase scene music to get my energy back!