Mothers of my family

Actually all the women in my family.  The women in my family are from pioneer stock, with good strong values and sense of worth.  They thought by example and were willing to answer questions if you had any.  They held and comforted you when you were hurt or sad. They supported you when you needed it.  They were not politically correct nor did they need equality because they worked side by side by men and women alike. They took no nonsense off those fools who felt sorry for them or wanted them to change.  They would smile and politely decline the foolishness of those who labeled everything as male or female. I salute them all on this Mother’s day! I love them all!

For the mothers in the world.

Not all of us are cut out to be mothers. You need a careful, quiet, nurturing nature. I will raise a glass to those mothers out there, experienced or not, who have bore, diapered and raised us through all our temper tantrums, selfish attitudes and disrespect. I raise a glass to all those who have passed through the veil, and those who are still in the world. I love all those mothers and respect them since I too have been in their shoes. I also raise a glass to those who were put into the position of being mothers even at a young age, even to their siblings. May they all have a wonder Mother’s Day tomorrow!