When did this become a board to air hatred?

I was so happy that the election was over. No more hatred spewed on the hearsay of others … NOT There is a line to be drawn in the sand, do it another way!  Yes, I rant, but it is to get something off my chest, not to do a long standing grudge against a man who knows more about foreign policy and business than carrier politicians!  He is enforcing laws already on the books, not sending everyone back who has stayed within the letter of the law.  Those who are here illegally should either do the right thing and go through the process of becoming legal, not just saying because I am a poor little refugee that I have a right to come here without going through the proper channels.  The LAWS are clear. Those who blame him for enforcing those laws and say they want to leave because he got elected and is doing the enforcing should not let the door hit them on the way out.  I am sorry for this outburst, but I am getting tired of all the rhetoric which should be over and done with. Yes, you have a right to YOUR opinion but it should be an INFORMED opinion, not just spreading stuff that is what a preschooler would spread!

More crap from Yahoo & Microsoft!

I wonder why they think we are stupid? I updated my Yahoo account about three weeks ago, and Yahoo keeps sending me requests to “update your yahoo account” because it is out of date. And Microsoft has made all their free games only a three week trial and won’t let me play them any more. I am also, because I refuse to opt into their monthly rental on their Microsoft office, getting demands that I upgrade to their rental because my version (the last one they put onto a DVD) is “out of date!”
W.T.F!  I will not rent a program which in the long run costs me more than one I down load off a disk that has everything I need on it and can use for many years on any computer I own for less than the rental itself! And their guys had the GALL to tell me that if I can’t afford their so called cheep rentals how could I afford a computer in the first place? Now I somehow got one note onto my computer. I have tried to uninstall it and it says the program is not on my computer! If it isn’t then why must I sign onto it before using my computer?
I want less corporate interference in my life as well as less government! Ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my computer has been a nightmare! Microsoft and now Yahoo! LEAVE ME, MY COMPUTER and WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!!!


Observations of the season

Well, Labor day is over and already the stores are crammed with Halloween and Christmas stuff. I decided to look online to see is there was anything listed for what I call and “Olde Christmas.” So far the Amish, and Vermont country store are the closest to what I am looking for even though it is still off by many MANY years. I am a fan of Dickens’ Olde England and to prior eras. When I say Old fashioned I mean old fashioned. I don’t expect to click on a site about Dickens’ Christmas or prior to ask me “how soon are you planning to purchase a car?” or “Get you bobble lights for a retro design for your home.” It is bad enough that stores started stocking Halloween and Christmas decor back in June/July, but to be misled by sites that claim to be some they are not is ridiculous!

I think that I will (once again) take three steps back and punt … IE do my own thing. Well for those of you heading back to School/work, make the best of it and actually use both to your advantage!