What ever happened to …

What ever happened to the days when people went out of their way to be friendly and helpful, when customers could contact someone in person or by phone if there was a problem, where sellers didn’t treat you like you had a disease and actually knew that you are the one paying for THEIR services and product rather than believing that they are “God’s gift” and you should worship the ground they walked on! Just saying. I ordered a CD for my Art studio containing the contents of 36 books. It was suppose to have arrived no later than the 24th.  It is now the 28th, so I went to the contact seller place and guess what! No contact information just vague questions and answers. I am a business woman and would be sure to keep in contact with my clients ESPECIALLY if there were a problem. This is my rant for the week.

Bundle of lousy falls in heaps!

Ever hear the term “If it rains it pours” and “Feast or famine?” Well, these terms have been running through my life lately.  First, my son gets ill and doesn’t tell us then has to drop his classes and retake them on his own. Then the “newest car” we got last year we’ve been pouring money into it like it has holes in it! The latest charge? over $400 to replace the power steering. It is costing us more to rebuild it than we paid for it!!!

Feeling kind of low about this since my hubster got a case of the gray clouds once he got the latest charges. Just needed to blow this out so I don’t get as far down as he is feeling. So my newest term for the same ideas is “Bundle of lousy falls in heaps” … How’s that for a name!

When did this become a board to air hatred?

I was so happy that the election was over. No more hatred spewed on the hearsay of others … NOT There is a line to be drawn in the sand, do it another way!  Yes, I rant, but it is to get something off my chest, not to do a long standing grudge against a man who knows more about foreign policy and business than carrier politicians!  He is enforcing laws already on the books, not sending everyone back who has stayed within the letter of the law.  Those who are here illegally should either do the right thing and go through the process of becoming legal, not just saying because I am a poor little refugee that I have a right to come here without going through the proper channels.  The LAWS are clear. Those who blame him for enforcing those laws and say they want to leave because he got elected and is doing the enforcing should not let the door hit them on the way out.  I am sorry for this outburst, but I am getting tired of all the rhetoric which should be over and done with. Yes, you have a right to YOUR opinion but it should be an INFORMED opinion, not just spreading stuff that is what a preschooler would spread!

Kitchen + me = big mess!

Well, today seems to be a good day to bake. Not too hot, not too cold… I decided to make Challah again, this time putting sesame seeds on top of one of the loaves and maybe making three small loaves instead of the one large and one small. I got to the “put in flour, one cup at a time. Be sure to mix after adding each cup …”  Weeellll  I decided that the mixer was best for bread and last time I had no problem with it … by the sixth cup, I hit the high level on the mixer and flour flew all over! I was covered as well was the counter space, floor and the skillet in the sink which I was waiting to was! My husband just shook his head and asked “Isn’t there a quote out there that starts with ‘Only you’?” I smiled sweetly and said, “No, it is a song.” and began to sing it. I then said (with a cackle) “I always said when I am baking I really get into it!”

When I put the dough aside to rise I cleaned up. After I am done completely though I will have to change my shirt. The purple went from dark to pale in two seconds! I still have white spots on it where the flour stubbornly refused to let go.