Facebook follies

Woke up to a new Facebook look. It no longer has the sites I had saved in the order I had saved them. I can not access friends or business sites without conducting a search and THEY STILL want my cell number which I refuse to give! Adding it will NOT make your information safer nor YOUR access easier. As far as I am concerned, family or no, I am shutting down all of my F.B. sites. I am tired of people dictating to me I have to use a name that is not an alias (this I use for security reasons as well as business) nor a business name for an ID.I don’t like someone telling me I have to use my cell phone (Which I can’t stand anyway nor do I use it online) to make my site more secure when I know it isn’t the case. So goodbye Facebook. I will miss the fun pixs and the friends I have made. I will miss the instant contact with friends and relatives whom I can’t access any other way, but I do know that being told what to do for “safety” and having the site constantly changed for so called ease of access is stupid and not a reality. Thank you for reading my rant and see you on the side.