Tarot cards ~ Mistakes by publishers

Earlier this month my husband bought me a set of cards from Barnes & Nobel from Sterling publishing Inc. As I was going through the accompanied book, I found a part in there which was a glaring mistake. On page 239 it talks about choosing the “Significant.”
In choosing a significant it says that for a woman 40+ you choose a Queen while under that age you would choose a Page. If you think about it wouldn’t the man of that age be a King while under 40 be a knight? They reversed it.

I wanted those who bought this set to know upfront about the mistake. Please pass this on and let others know about it. I believe that the company gets people to edit books who really don’t know the subject and wonder where else those mistakes are being made.

Prophesies vrs “fortune tellers”

I have probably hit on this before, but I saw something (and have been bombarded with) arguments that “It says in the book of Revelations … we are in end times because it has been prophesied” Well, ladies and gentlemen, religion not withstanding a PROPHESY of  any kind is only good until it is told. Because we have freedom to think for ourselves and act, doesn’t mean that a Prophesy of ANY KIND will come true unless you are still following the path you were on before that prophesy was brought into the light, and the Christians seem to forget that their JESUS and his Jewish family, friends etc. were not adverse to seeking out soothsayers, oracles and the like. The Kabala is not called Jewish MYSTICISM because it sounds good. Also, the only difference between the “Prophets” and the Pagans version? The Prophets were 99% men and members of the cloth while fortune-tellers (which Christians dubbed any one who prophesied who was neither mail or of the cloth) were usually not of the cloth and mostly women.  Those of us who are adept at reading the cards, runes, scrying etc. know that because we can choose WE are in control of our lives and those glimpses into the future are merely just possible occurrences if we continue down the path we are on.  We can choose since that is our right.

Paganism, magic and publishing.

My observations:
I have noticed a growing trend to publish anything and everything that has to do with Paganism, magic, witches and all other things connected to these things. Some, if not most, of the information out there is hap-hazard at best and down right dangerous at worst. Still people have a right to wright about, AND publish anything, and the so called “Neo-” or “New Aged” sect seem determined to undermine this.
“Don’t read anything from ‘X’ because her writings encourage kids to turn against their parents” (as if they needed a book to do this) or “Don’t buy anything from Publisher ‘I’ because they are just there to take your money!” I wonder if these people actually read these books and such or are they so rich they don’t need to work in the public sector to survive. One of my blogger friends stated something to the effect that most of what is out there floating about the stores and web are bogus. You know something? I agree, but that doesn’t mean that something in that flood of information is not relevant. I refuse to trash those out there and actually encourage people to read any and everything they can get their hands on. I say this because I happen to know that what may work for one person or group may not work for others. Plus I remind them that there are rules which govern magic and how it works.
Magic is subtle and to think you can use it to control someone or gain great wealth. Doesn’t work that way. There are things to consider before you even start. First off it is a craft which once you commit to it, it becomes your life and you must become a lifetime student. Also, those elite groups who say there were never solitaries seem to forget that before larger civilizations started coming into being, there was usually just one “wise woman/man” per villiage or who traveled about. Sometimes they chose someone who was to become their apprentice and would take over either  take over upon their death or handle one or more of the villages the elder would be working with. They usually chose someone old enough to work, learn and help out. Thinking that you can say you are a witch WITHOUT training is kind of silly. I prefer my students to be 18, preferably 21 and older.

Magic ~ Good or evil.

I am not talking stage illusions, which are tricks, smoke and mirrors. I am talking REAL magic. What is magic? It is energy which is used to change circumstances. Sometimes it is used with herbs, plants and other tangible items to heal and help others. Magic is a tool in which one makes things happen. But magic is subtle and has rules. You can not and should not wake up one day and say “I am a witch and I will make someone fall in love with me.” It is neither good nor evil, but how it is used can be. A gun sitting on a table will not kill someone unless someone picks it up, points it and pulls the trigger, and only then if a bullet is in the chamber will the other person die. Magic is like that. You can kill someone using potions and spells ONLY if that is your intent and ONLY if poison or is part of the potion given. An untrained witch can cause irreparable harm as can a witch who intentionally does harm. Magic is not evil, it is the person who determines if it is good or not. You also can not use magic to force someone to love you (as if you want them to be a mindless slave!) since magic will not go against freewill. It can not make you look like something else (that is illusion or special effects) and magic will never go against natural things… So next time someone starts calling you evil, remember, evil is NOT magic and even Christians, Jews and the like can be evil if that is what their intent is.

Lables in Polytheism

I just read a blog that was interesting and followed some of the views I have held from my many years of researching Polytheistic beliefs. Yes, Paganism is a general term, originally meant as an insult but now embraced by many followers of the old Deities. What irks me is the fact that (like the writer stated but did not followup on) was that those who don’t understand what Pagans represent tend to lump all into one category, or add the word NEO to the beginning of a religious belief. And GODDESS FORBID that Wiccans rename themselves just to make themselves different for other Wiccans. The basic beliefs are the same just as the term Christian means follower of Christ’s teaching, one who follows ANY polytheistic belief is ether called by the title of their path, or called Pagan, Wiccan or ? … Neo basically means new. And the old was are neither new nor renewed. How you follow those paths is not what makes them NEW or NEO, you are still going to be Celtic, Norse, eclectic etc. You are still following the old ways. Another beef I have is with those who add K to the spelling of magic. They say it is to distinguish real magic from stage magic. Why not say the truth. You are being an elitist snob who thinks we don’t know the difference ILLUSION and MAGIC! That is my gripe for today. So please, quit labeling everyone and actually accept people for who and what they are. No matter WHAT they believe.

Energy focus cast a spell

I see people who say magic doesn’t exist. They are the ones who either wanted to do magic as seen in movies and on TV, the ones who are taught that magic is evil. Those people who were wanna-be teens who were looking to control people with magic.

Here is what magic really is.

  1. Magic is subtle. So much so that people call it coincidence when it actually works.
  2. You need to know exactly what it is you want before even thinking about casting a spell.
  3. Tools are used to focus and when you become adept at magic and spell casting you will no longer need them.
  4. You need to learn before you start casting spell and making potions. Reason being? You can hurt others and even yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.
  5. Witchcraft is not a religion nor does it need religion, demons/Satan, nor Deities/GOD to cast spells. It is a craft and relies on skills, energy, herbs, minerals (etc.) to do the work.
  6. Magic is not black nor white,  good nor evil it is a tool. The colors are used not for if it is good or evil, but when to cast the spells or what you use when you are working on them. White (spells used from the new to full moon ~ waxing), Black (spells used from the full moon to new moon ~ waning) Green (herbal spells or spells using plants) Brown (earth spells using minerals, gemstones, crystals and the like) etc.
  7. Magic has rules and can not be used to control people. If you misuse it like this it will either NOT WORK, or BACKFIRE!

As you can see there is more to magic and it needs to be learned BEFORE you can call yourself a witch and/or cast spells.  I hope this helps those understand what magic is and isn’t.