Dreary Monday

Well, since the museum closed I am actually getting things done I have been wanting to do. I did a bit of fall decorating in the house and my shop (I moved my alter out here so I can have some “quiet time” with my deities.) You could say I was doing spring cleaning in the fall. I have shredded 5 bags of papers and receipts what were way out of date as well as going through my files and clothes. I set a goal of getting these done by October so I can start working on my crafts and getting ready for the spring festivals.
I actually started counseling, though the way they conduct it is rather not what I would call patient/doctor privilege since they are passing me back and forth between two doctors. NOT HAPPY about that. My husband said they may be trying to get me “over” my mental problems so I can go back to work. I know it will never happen so I wonder why I am bothering with all this superficial BS.  I have ordered my coffees that I sell at the Christmas fairs so if I do go (which I don’t think I will this year) I will have inventory to sell. Anyway, that is what is happening today. Hope you all had a great Mabon (At least those of you who celebrate that is). Til next time…

What does a witch look like?

I have seen some beautiful and flattering pictures of witches, some stereotypical ugly witches, some questionable , cute, sexy and weird witches. What does a witch REALLY look like? I would say “look in the mirror.” A witch is no different from you than anyone else is. Yes, we come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. We are young, old and everyplace in between. We are thin, fat, curvacious, and slightly out of shape. We are short, tall, average height. We walk, ride, some of us drive, some are handicapped some are not. There is no one real typical witch. So next time you see a person next to you, smile. It may be a maniac, or then again it could be your average everyday mundane witch! Bight Blessings this Mabon season!

Do you need a ride?

Do you need a ride?

The hat says it all