New teeth!

Well, the work is finally started on my mouth. HOPEFULLY I will have a full set of uppers and a partial lowers. I have never been so scared yet so excited in my life. Last month they pulled my upper teeth and I was not looking forward to the pain nor living off aspirin/pain killers for a week or more, but guess what! NO PAIN! When the dentist got through I asked him to do two more but he said he didn’t want to hear me humming tunes for several hours more.  I will get impressions for this in Oct. This month I am either getting 2 teeth pulled or 2 roots. Next month will be the reverse plus 1 filling. Then either Nov. or Dec. I will be getting the impressions for the bottom and or the upper teeth! FINALLY! I will finally get to eat all the raw veggies and meat I want without pain or hassle! I may even post a photo of me with my new teeth when I get the whole set! Maybe. Cheers!

What does a witch look like?

I have seen some beautiful and flattering pictures of witches, some stereotypical ugly witches, some questionable , cute, sexy and weird witches. What does a witch REALLY look like? I would say “look in the mirror.” A witch is no different from you than anyone else is. Yes, we come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. We are young, old and everyplace in between. We are thin, fat, curvacious, and slightly out of shape. We are short, tall, average height. We walk, ride, some of us drive, some are handicapped some are not. There is no one real typical witch. So next time you see a person next to you, smile. It may be a maniac, or then again it could be your average everyday mundane witch! Bight Blessings this Mabon season!

Do you need a ride?

Do you need a ride?

The hat says it all