I thought electronics were suppose to make things easier! Now I have to carry a book around to handle all the new “Strong” passwords, phrases and codes for all my ATM cards, emails, vendors, banks, and other things that these things are required of us! Lady forbid that I transpose a number or forget to update the book each time I add or revise something. Passwords use to be 4 letters/numbers &/or symbols! Now they are 8+ and if you don’t do it right, you are locked out.  Sometimes I think we should get rid of all these devices and life would be so much easier!

More crap from Yahoo & Microsoft!

I wonder why they think we are stupid? I updated my Yahoo account about three weeks ago, and Yahoo keeps sending me requests to “update your yahoo account” because it is out of date. And Microsoft has made all their free games only a three week trial and won’t let me play them any more. I am also, because I refuse to opt into their monthly rental on their Microsoft office, getting demands that I upgrade to their rental because my version (the last one they put onto a DVD) is “out of date!”
W.T.F!  I will not rent a program which in the long run costs me more than one I down load off a disk that has everything I need on it and can use for many years on any computer I own for less than the rental itself! And their guys had the GALL to tell me that if I can’t afford their so called cheep rentals how could I afford a computer in the first place? Now I somehow got one note onto my computer. I have tried to uninstall it and it says the program is not on my computer! If it isn’t then why must I sign onto it before using my computer?
I want less corporate interference in my life as well as less government! Ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my computer has been a nightmare! Microsoft and now Yahoo! LEAVE ME, MY COMPUTER and WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!!!


Technology … A humbling experience

I tend to wonder why we have computers, “Smart Phones” Robots and the like. Surely it is not to make our lives simpler or more convenient. Smart Phones (droids, and the like) use up more battery and available space quicker than a land line, and you have to carry them everywhere so you can send garbled messages with symbols and abbreviated words so others can find you all the time and call you no matter what time it is or where you are. Then you have your computers. You spend more money every time the big companies (M.S./Apple etc.) decides to upgrade even when what you are using is fine and the next step up is crap! Then you have to go in and do a “De-frag” and “Disk clean up” sometimes having to send the computer back to its original state several weeks/months before you started this because some program or other decided it was not compatible to the program you have on the computer or your laptop/desktop/smartpad gets a virus and needs kicks off your printer or other hardware you need to get your work out on time.  And don’t get me started on all the constant adding to passwords to where you can’t recall what it was because there are so many numbers symbols and letters so only hackers can get onto your sites! Now they want you to give a cell phone number for “added security” even if you don’t have one! If I could chuck it all and not need all this tech in order to do my work, make my orders and post here to the amusement of others whom (I heartily believe) Understand where I am coming from with all this, I would be a happier, saner and more relaxed person! Yeah, it took me over 6 hours to reinstall the printer program again with all the error messages and the like. As I said, a HUMBLING experience.HP-Pavilion-laptops

passwords … why do we need them

My husband and I have a hard time recalling passwords and codes. We need to write them down to remember them. It use to be that all you needed for a password was three numbers or letters and you could use that same password for everything. Now you have to keep adding things to them and they are not allowed on any other site! For the elderly and people like us who just use emails to keep in touch with relatives why do people have to MAKE us constantly change our passwords!?!? The biggest problem is the fact that we can’t contact the sites to complain and those we can totally ignore our complaints. Soon I may just drop the emails and internet all together. The only problem is that the internet is free where mailing letters (a dying art) is not.

Here is something to think on… since when did greed become such a problem that we have to use ridiculously long passwords to protect ourselves from hackers when for many of us don’t have anything to steal?