Here we go again~

It seems that the men of this town are at it again. One has left his so called friends in a lurch by taking a job without discussing it first and so abandoning a steady business he was suppose to be building. And I just found out that I may have a partner I neither wanted nor needed who is going to help “keep me in my place” by dictating to me how and what I am to put in my “shop” to sell! (no “pagan” items which to them include jewelry, candles, herbs, incense etc.).

It is funny how the people I had hoped would stand by me and stand up for my rights have turned on me and are now siding with those I told I wanted nothing to do with! These self same people pulled this back around 1992-95 when the got involved with people I said I wanted nothing to do with, and they basically took our inventory, sold it all and vanished leaving us with tons of bills that they, not we, ran up! Funny how after they said they would listen and trust me, they are pulling us back into the same situation as back then, and they still won’t heed my warnings! I am wondering if they will ever learn!

We really DON’T know better

Scientists and others say ignore instincts and animals when it comes to danger.  Man says they know best or better than hundreds of thousands of years of  history and ingrained instincts. Like the Bison of Yellowstone. You watch animals. what scientists call “frisky” could actually be the fact the animals are more sensitive with all their internal alarms than man is with his so called “advanced” intelligence/science! Those animals have survived despite what we have done to them in our so called “caring nature” to keep them from dying out. Keeping some animals alive might not be a good thing while in other cases it is. You need to look at the  whole picture. Animals have been dying out LONG BEFORE we came on the scene. AND weather has been fluctuating for the same period of time. Don’t blame “Global warming” just because weather fluctuates and don’t tell us Bison do not feel things we can not chart! This world was set up to be self sufficient. We are not the rulers but the caretakers of the world.