Observations of the season

Well, Labor day is over and already the stores are crammed with Halloween and Christmas stuff. I decided to look online to see is there was anything listed for what I call and “Olde Christmas.” So far the Amish, and Vermont country store are the closest to what I am looking for even though it is still off by many MANY years. I am a fan of Dickens’ Olde England and to prior eras. When I say Old fashioned I mean old fashioned. I don’t expect to click on a site about Dickens’ Christmas or prior to ask me “how soon are you planning to purchase a car?” or “Get you bobble lights for a retro design for your home.” It is bad enough that stores started stocking Halloween and Christmas decor back in June/July, but to be misled by sites that claim to be some they are not is ridiculous!

I think that I will (once again) take three steps back and punt … IE do my own thing. Well for those of you heading back to School/work, make the best of it and actually use both to your advantage!