Warm day …

Seems that winter has finally broken its hold on S. Dakota.  Despite the wind I have found it to be more of the August weather rather than May.  I started out with a sweat shirt and had to pair down to my skirt and sleeveless shirt (I wear this style shirt all year round, but usually layered).  I mowed the lawn and it was just dirt/dust that came up. I am afraid to do the weed & feed I would not have ANY green on the lawn area. So far with the dogs most of the grass is gone.  I am planning on doing the 6′ fence this year, at least on one side. Wish it could be more but unless I can get my craft business off the ground that will be the best I can do.  What do you think about caning and basket weaving? I can fit both in the little studio without much hassle. More later!

My first rant of 2015

As a mother and wife I MUST protest what is happening to our society and people. To start off, let me say I am neither a conservative nor liberal and I prefer the Independent party to the two mainstays which look so much alike that lately the could be the same. Here is what I believe.
1. The founding fathers got it right when writing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Though we have the right to our speech, our religious beliefs etc. We don’t have the right to FORCE our beliefs on others.
2. Yes, people should help those less fortunate, but that does not mean we have to keep shelling out money for those over seas who are DEMANDING we help them while they are saying we are evil etc. There is a saying that if you give a man a fish he will feast for a day but if you TEACH a man to fish he will feast for a lifetime. If you look at what we did to the Indians making them dependent on handouts to the point where they would rather not be independent but dependent, then you will see a failed experiment.
3. Our government (or rather the Pres.) thinks they know how we should live better than we do. They made it so that we are so regulated that we no longer can work without penalties. And as for the so-called affordable insurance act, that is a complete disaster. We are told we are going to be fined if we don’t have it. I can’t afford it but that doesn’t matter. I can’t take meds., and I seldom go to the hospital (usually taking someone else.) It has nothing for preventative medicine, dental, visual nor Chiropractic. I am not a cookie-cutter citizen, which is what THAT insurance is. I am too old for Medicaid and too young for Medicare. I am not working except for the occasional order for baked goods or teas, none of which are worth shipping since the items I sell cost less than it costs to ship them. I can’t afford to hire people to help nor a “website,” “brick and mortar,” nor the advertising to draw attention to them. In short I want to work (no one is hiring due to the red-tape, distance between my town and jobs, my age and gender. So where do I get the money for the penalties for NOT having his insurance? I don’t.
4. People who can’t work for various reasons are not necessarily lazy, stupid, lovers of welfare. There are those of us who want to work and are put into the category of lazy while being told the jobs we want are going to illegals. We WILL survive because we know how without subsidies and handouts.

There is a blogger who keeps saying that the US is dying. That we will no longer be able to get food and there will be rioting. I don’t believe it will happen in the rural areas because those who live here are farmers, ranchers and people who can survive by raising their own foods. In the big cities there are regulations, which forbid gardens, goat, chickens and other means to feed us. They force us to rely on foodstamps and other handouts instead of allowing us to take care of our families and ourselves. No, the US is not dying it is sleeping until the idiots who tell us we can’t take care of ourselves will be kicked out and we start doing what we know is right!

The start of my fall musings.

The leaves are just starting to change to yellow. Today was cold and ugly out. My husband went out into the garden and came back saying my tomato  plants are actually still producing tiny green tomatoes. So far he has counted about 5. I didn’t go out today because it seems I have a pinched nerve in my hip. The last time this happened in was in my teens! Decided on Blueberry sour-cream pancakes today. As usual I asked our friend to join us but he was in Aberdeen so didn’t make it. <Sigh> At least I got a little rest. Working on sewing this next two weeks, and maybe an apple pie or two. If they turn out I will post photos.

Labor Day … 2014

Not sure why they call it such. They call it a holiday when people take a vacation before school starts, but it isn’t. There are many of us who work year round such as farmers and ranchers. If you gave gardens, trees, plants and animals you can’t just drop everything and leave for the day. These need 24/7 care. Those of us who do not or rather can not take the day off work on this day so those who run “Brick and Mortar” businesses such as the GOVERNMENT and BANKS, POST OFFICES and more CAN take the day off. So in the evening I will drink a toast to all of us who actually do work now and anymore. May we truly understand that it the labor of folks who could care less about “holidays” and continue to watch over this country and keep trying to keep America what it was meant to be … FREE.

My dream spot …

Ever dream of a place where you would like to be? There are times that I do. I use this idea when I write, sketch, meditate (etc.) It is a place where I see trees, mountains, a huge garden (well, actually 2 gardens since one is vegetables and fruits while the other is herbs and spices.) water features, (water fall, lake, rivers …) caves in the mountain where I have attached a nice cabin. I would have a barn for my animals, and a place to store all the things I feel are important. I would make sure there was plenty of room between my house and civilization. I would have a large sunken kitchen, and a winding set of stairs which would vanish into the back of the house leading to bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. On the other side you will find an open living room area. A little behind that would be a huge study/library and craft room. I would have horses, chickens, some rabbits and a milk cow or two. The rest is foggy since I am not sure where to go from there. Hope this little dream home gives someone an incentive to think up other styles of homes. Why not post your dream property/home as well? Have fun.

Freedom! Well sort of …

I am going to count the 2 ½ weeks with hubster gone as form of freedom. I am hoping that this will be a time where not only will I be able to relax, but that I can get things done without people interfering. The problem with that is that he told all his “friends” that I was going to be alone (as if!) and to “take care of her” … A bit degrading if you ask me. So the morning after I get back? I get an order for doggie treats and a request to “cat sit” which makes me wonder why I even try. I planned to rearrange every little nook and cranny of the place, spend time in the garden (I at least planted the two climbing roses today, but that isn’t really much.) and work on my writings (stories).
So where dose that leave me. Back where I started. I get the orders for the day by friend and phone and to heck with what I want to do. Feeling bummed.

Memorial day cut backs (so to speak)

Well, first off this is about what happened in the now rather than in the past. Our day started out with our friend coming over for blue-berry pancakes, sunny D (Strawberry), sausage patties, and orange and coffee. He left at 9 so he could cover the memorial services and the photos at the cemetery for our only newspaper left in this place. The original paper was finally shut down last year… The day was mostly spent outside, watering the garden, chasing the dog out of the garden, refilling water bowls after said canine used them to wash her feet, and working on the  soon to be screened in porch. We ended up with a plastic pic-nick table (The cheep looking ones you find in mall food courts) and I sat on it as I listened to the hum of the bees humming in one of our flowering trees. YES! WE HAVE BEES! I then moved out of the sun and into the porch in progress. It had turned 4 so it was feeding time at the zoo! Now both are nursing full bellies and sleeping inside the house which is just a touch cooler than outside. Now I gotta figure out what to fix for dinner. We had fish, salad, rice and flavored water for lunch. PLUS I have another sink of dishes. (Thought I just finished them!) Now I will sit back with the music on and think about all those who have fought for our freedoms since day one. Hope we don’t have to go that route again, but I can see it coming … can’t you?

Driery weather … yet and still …

The garden is in and the weather can’t make up its mind on being hot and humid, cool and humid, thunder and lightning or down right rain! I truly hate the muggy part. It doesn’t do the plants any good with the moisture just sitting in the air and not watering the plants. The plants don’t get the benefit of the sun’s rays either! I need to water them again. The deeper the roots the sturdier the plants. It just doesn’t feel like a good day to do anything! Blah!

RIP camera!

Well, it seems the little digital camera finally died. It will be missed, and until I get another I am without photos of my girls, son and garden. Nor any of my sketches. Anyway, last night we had a thunderstorm and today I got the rest of my herb garden done. Tomorrow I will plant the seeds. It is also the day the clinic comes to town for the dogs. Well, we do have a busy day tomorrow…