Shepherd’s pie


Thought I would try my hand at a shepherd’s pie.


  • 1 – lb. ground lamb
  • carrots
  • onions
  • celery
  • peas
  • seasoning
  • Mint
  • salt/pepper
  • heavy cream
  • sweet red wine
  • potatoes
  • Wiltshire sauce
  • unsalted butter



  • preheat oven to 425 f.
  • place in chopper ½ onion, shredded or whole carrots and 3 – 6 celery sticks. Chop on the pulse setting until small pieces but not mushy. Set aside
  • peal and cut 4 med. potatoes and set to boil. When it starts to boil, cover and leave for 20 mins.
  • Spray a lrg. skillet with pam or some other non stick spray,
  • On Med. heat fry out the lamb using about a T. Wiltshire sauce and 2 – T. Sweet red wine, add a hand full of Itl. seasoning, mint and a dash of ground salt and pepper.
  • when the meat is cooked through (no red showing) add the carrots, onions, celery and peas.
  • simmer while you butter the ramekins and prepare the potato topping.
  • Take potatoes, drain, add butter cream and salt & pepper. Mash and mix to a creamy consistency.
  • Rue (optional): when the meat is in the ramekins, add to skillet drippings 3 T flour, ¼ c. sweet red wine and ¼ c. cream. When well mixed. put a spoon full on top of meat, then cover with the potato mixture.
  • Sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on top and place in oven for 20 mins. Let cool before serving. Makes 6 small portions. Serve with salad and a glass of wine.

What’s for dinner…?

What’s for dinner? They all seem to shout as I come home from work or in from my shop.  Not one suggestion or offer from those who stare in hopes the dinner will magically appear.
What’s for dinner? I ask them back but no answer will come from those staring back.
I throw out suggestions here and there but not one of those suggestions are accepted I fear. So I rummage through the cupboards and the internet too, hoping to find a dish that is new…

(Well tonight I decided on Salmon patties. Simple enough, but it would be nice if someone would speak up and give suggestions instead of expecting me to know what they do or do not want.)

Now what!

I ordered a Sour Dough Starter kit with a small crock. This will be the second time I have attempted to work with this substance. This time I hope for success. Will let you know in a few days if it works. I am hoping that it will work. Not sure what to do with the extra starter once I go through the procedure. I says I can give it away, but I think I don’t know enough people to do so.
I want this to work. It is one of the few bread activities which I have failed at . This, hopefully will get me another product to actually work with for sale. A wee bit nervous so keep our fingers crossed my friends. I am starting it tonight.

Eve after Christmas

I really wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Christmas. Doesn’t always work out, but today it went rather smoothly for a change. 1st. one of my hubster’s friends called in which worked out supper for his temperament. The  food was done well and on the table just after the family finished opening their gifts. Everyone was happy with what they got so that too went smooth. The best part was that it was family, in great spirits and very happy. Thank Goddess for rare favors!


There are times …

There are times when one has to think … Is this all worth it? Not trying to be cynical or even glib, but this is one of those days in the holiday season when I have to wonder why I am doing anything for the season. Now don’t get me wrong, I happen to like decorating, festive music and the like but when ideas fall short and money is super non existent and family doesn’t even try but expect you to carry the brunt of everything I ask you … Is it all worth it?!?!?!

The day after ….

I just saw a pix on F.B. … actually several … entitled this is how I feel after Thanksgiving. I can relate. One of the few times one can fall off the food wagon and not feel guilty about it because you do it with family!


Roasted Turkey, Oyster stuffing, sweet Potatoes with marshmallow topping, cranberry sauce, crab & shrimp with a dip made from horse radish and catsup, green bean casserole and for dessert one each pumpkin and apple pie.

Took over $200 in groceries, 6 hours prep/cook time, 45 mins to eat and
3 – 4 hours for clean up. 24 hours to digest said meal. Tomorrow, 3 doz. jumbo corn bread muffins to bake. For now sweet dreams!

Annual Cheesecake…

Tomorrow I will be baking the strawberry Cheesecake for the  radio personality down in Spearfish, SD. I have been making one for him each year at this time since 2009. I do it because in 2008 I was at a local Farm and Home show selling my teas and giving samples of cheesecake and other baked goods. He went to all the other booths but came back and sat at mine and made me feel welcome. I told him for that he would get one from me every year at the same show. He thought I was kidding! When he came back the following year I presented him with the cheesecake and have been doing so ever since. Friday is the show and tomorrow I will bake the cake putting the topping on Friday AM. I will post photos of this tomorrow and Friday. I do know it never makes it back to Spearfish. He usually shares it with a few fiends. His show is Country Cafe of the Airwaves and he is a wonderful person.