Father’s Day

I am one of those who have lost their father. My dad was great! He took me fishing, taught me how to bait my own hooks, and gut the fish. He helped me learn about the ways of life when we had to behead a very old hen. He got me Repete (Female rabbit) and helped me raise the bunnies. He helped teach me to drive, and even was there when I learned to ride. My dad was everything to me. When I was in College, he was told he had tumors on the brain. Too advanced … sorry. I was devastated. I learned to be brave and to give him up even when I didn’t want to.
I didn’t cry at his funeral because I did it when he was sick and in pain. I guess most people will never understand this and say I am heartless, for me being heartless is wishing he would never die. I could never do that to him. He passed in the early 80’s and I wish he could have had the same influence on my son as he did on me. Aside from that, I wish to say to him Thank you for being there for me. I miss you.