A Driery Dull Day!

I know Aug is suppose to be hot, humid and miserable, but today it is down right dull. It is overcast, threatening of rain, and too hot nights leaves us  sluggish and less than ambitious. I sat down at 930 this AM to read a little and woke up to my husband (who had also been napping) asking me what I was up to and what was for lunch! THAT was 1230! I can’t even get the gumption to read and have to push the lab out of the way of the fridge so I could set up for lunch. Moving 90 lbs of chocolate canine is not fun in a  three step galley kitchen. First she was on her stomach so I grabbed her around her front legs and slid her away from the fridge. She  flopped over onto her back, tongue hanging out the side and legs straight up with the paws pointing down. At least that made the day a bit happier! Hope your day is better everyone!