When did this become a board to air hatred?

I was so happy that the election was over. No more hatred spewed on the hearsay of others … NOT There is a line to be drawn in the sand, do it another way!  Yes, I rant, but it is to get something off my chest, not to do a long standing grudge against a man who knows more about foreign policy and business than carrier politicians!  He is enforcing laws already on the books, not sending everyone back who has stayed within the letter of the law.  Those who are here illegally should either do the right thing and go through the process of becoming legal, not just saying because I am a poor little refugee that I have a right to come here without going through the proper channels.  The LAWS are clear. Those who blame him for enforcing those laws and say they want to leave because he got elected and is doing the enforcing should not let the door hit them on the way out.  I am sorry for this outburst, but I am getting tired of all the rhetoric which should be over and done with. Yes, you have a right to YOUR opinion but it should be an INFORMED opinion, not just spreading stuff that is what a preschooler would spread!

Pipe line truth or dare!

I happen to be Cree, and I also have happened to do my research on the pipe line and what is happening in N. Dakota.

  1. The pipe line is not on Indian land.
  2. There are 5 other pipe lines which date back to the late 1800’s which are probably more apt to leak and cause more damage than what is currently being installed.
  3. Those who are postdating this are like the scabbers who were brought into the area to disrupt negotiations with union reps.back during the time of Taft.
  4. If they were so worried about this why did they wait until all the LEGAL permits were issued  They were invited to talk about their concerns but never showed.
  5. Those who are protesting are thug and have caused more harm to those who live and work the lands of N. Dakota as well as disrupting traffic and causing harm to those not even involved.

Sure we have a right to demonstrate or voice our protests, but in a peaceful way. I know I may not be popular with my opinions, but I state things as I see them and in this case once I have done the research. It saddens me that we have become so reliant on the idea that government should care for us and that we should make people pay for the crimes of those who the current population had no control over. I say we should cut the apron strings and start taking responsibility for our own lives and our own actions. PC only weakens us and relying on those to tell us what to do when we know it is NOT the right thing also undermines our welfare and  our lives.  Get rid of those who are telling us that violence is right. And get rid of those who threaten this country by paying thugs and people from other states to do their dirty work and claim it is for the good of the Native Americans. THAT is a down right lie!  To get rid of the pipeline will also make us vulnerable to those who control the oil in other countries. Let’s get over this crap and get back to living our lives without violence.

Another rant!

What makes people think they know you better than you know yourself? Once again I find myself with my back against the wall. I am starting to feel like looking into online classes or even going to a college (mostly to get out of town.) … What happens? I am being told to take courses for counseling. What the person in question seems to forget was that I don’t want to take that route. Sure, I seem to be good at listening to the problems of others, but I am getting burnt out on that. The thing is what makes a person is a good listener or good in the health care industry in general is also what brings those workers further into a darker place which includes depression, suicide and other mental/emotional places.  People say that you must have a tough skin to do this, but to be truly effective you must also have a healthy dose of  empathy. I have tried to tell him this, but it goes though one ear and out the other. He would love it if I worked full time or was proven to be handicapped/mentally impaired so that he could get gov. funds that he can spend. Other people tell me “talk to him, tell him it won’t work, etc.” but as I said it doesn’t work. So now (when the weather is crappy and I am stuck inside with him) he is once again planning out how I am to live my life, no matter what I say or have said to him. Thank you for listening/reading.

Feast or famine …

I have heard this often from my dad in regards to working. He was a contract painter so he would say as the summer started “I wonder what we will see this year Feast or Famine.” Meaning: He would either be getting a lot of work or none at all. Seems like those saying have “gone by the way side” meaning people don’t use them any longer nor (I am sure) would they truly understand the meanings. Sad really. Society has become so wrapped up in technology and short cuts that if we did loose all our tech there would be a lot of people who would be lost.

Something to think about…

I have been bored with technology lately. The phones they are trying to get us to buy eat up more time and memory just so we can have “access to the world” information, Satellites actually give literally ANYONE access to where you are located at any time, and people can track you whither or not your phone is turned on. Facebook (I have heard) is planning to force people to give out information whither we want it or not, and are planning to make us pay for the privilege of keeping in touch with our families. I find TV filled with stupidity and lies. We are tied to our homes by tech, as well as our cars which are getting close to thinking for us as well. I made the comment to a friend that we should drop all the tech and go back to nature by going off the grid. He said we/I would never make it a day. I tend to beg to differ. I feel the only thing I would miss would be my music and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I have been without a TV since 2005 and have found it refreshing since 90% of TV are scripted reality shows, bleeding heart liberals who what us to cry at everything and give what money we have earned to those who refuse to work, or politicians. I do like my DVD’s, but if I go off grid, I would not have electricity for either that, radio, cds or computer. Funny thing, those I do not consider priority. Sooooo, who else could think they could make it without tech hanging over their heads or chaining them to their homes, cars etc.?

Technology … A humbling experience

I tend to wonder why we have computers, “Smart Phones” Robots and the like. Surely it is not to make our lives simpler or more convenient. Smart Phones (droids, and the like) use up more battery and available space quicker than a land line, and you have to carry them everywhere so you can send garbled messages with symbols and abbreviated words so others can find you all the time and call you no matter what time it is or where you are. Then you have your computers. You spend more money every time the big companies (M.S./Apple etc.) decides to upgrade even when what you are using is fine and the next step up is crap! Then you have to go in and do a “De-frag” and “Disk clean up” sometimes having to send the computer back to its original state several weeks/months before you started this because some program or other decided it was not compatible to the program you have on the computer or your laptop/desktop/smartpad gets a virus and needs kicks off your printer or other hardware you need to get your work out on time.  And don’t get me started on all the constant adding to passwords to where you can’t recall what it was because there are so many numbers symbols and letters so only hackers can get onto your sites! Now they want you to give a cell phone number for “added security” even if you don’t have one! If I could chuck it all and not need all this tech in order to do my work, make my orders and post here to the amusement of others whom (I heartily believe) Understand where I am coming from with all this, I would be a happier, saner and more relaxed person! Yeah, it took me over 6 hours to reinstall the printer program again with all the error messages and the like. As I said, a HUMBLING experience.HP-Pavilion-laptops

Why do Liberals ASSUME that if you don’t agree that you are a FOX watcher?

I asked a question on Y/A this last week, (And commented on several articles things that I have read which leaned heavily towards liberal ideals) and immediately got lambasted and told I was a follower of Rush and Fox News. Problem is, they are listening to people who presume everyone watches TV or gets the Rush show on Radio. I have not had TV since 2005 and where I have been living (since 2007) The only RADIO stations I get are PBS (VERY LIBERAL) and Country western! Neither of which I turn on until between 6PM and 8AM when it is Jazz, 70’s music and BBC). The thing is I use my eyes, ears and brain to process my experiences and research THEN I decide what I believe or not, I do not rely on media of ANY kind to decide what I believe in. I would hope those who tell me off for my beliefs would do the same, but it seems that their answers are fabricated by what media is telling them rather than thinking for themselves.

When technology breeds cowards and liars instead if compassion and strength

Had been on F B today. Someone posted a photo which I think I saw (I believe) on here and people were talking with compassion about someone on line. Some guy touted that it was was not compassion if you stated it on like. I countered and asked for his definition of the word stating that for many this IS their only link to their family and friends. The guy spouted that his “powerful magic fingers” deleted us. The question is still up there and he provided himself to be a coward, braggart and liar. It is sad really that people will really be that way and use technology to spread hatred, lies and stupidity, hiding behind those “powerful magic fingers” which they seem so proud of but are so weak as they are.

Word problems ~ Not talking MATH!!! (IE: RANT FOR THE DAY!)

Seem that people just don’t listen anymore. Some even think that people who talk a certain way are talking gibberish or that they are stupid!  I am one of those who have to talk until I explain my point. My brain is not wired it seems for two or three word conversations which many in business or are type A personalities can not understand. I KNOW what I am trying to say, but they either can’t or won’t wait to hear me out. Every time I tell someone what is going on they tend to NOT HEAR what I am saying and tell me I should  not start in the middle of a sentence, get to the point, I don’t know what I am talking about or I am down right stupid. Now that is all well and good, but they seem to be wired so they refuse to hear my point or what I am saying, and when I am not talking to them I am chewed out for that as well!  They don’t want to hear that I took steps not what they were. I am too stupid to do that! I am getting tired of this and REALLY wish people would (in this age of abbreviated text messaging) slow down an listen/HEAR what I am trying to say instead of jumping down my throat because my way of talking is slightly different then theirs!