Blues ~ The end of summer …

The summer is winding down and we will soon be closing the park down for the fall/winter season. At least the museum and gift shop part of the park. Next week my husband takes our son down to Rapid to set him up in his apartment and then the next Monday he starts his classes. I have another dental apt. the week of the 22nd so at least I will see him after he starts school before going home. He has not really been on his own for over a week and then he was not far from his grandmother’s house. Not sure how she will take it either. Not really happy about the distance even though at the same time I know this will be good for him. After Labor day I will be concentrating on my hand sketched Christmas cards and Jewelry sets which I am hoping to sell at the fall/winter(?) fair this year. Plus I have to set up all the cards I send out to family and friends as well! Didn’t get the chance to get all the Christmas stuff done while I had money coming in but hopefully my art studio will give me inspiration to actually get stuff done to sell! Anyway, hope your summer was great and will continue blogging til (at least) the end of 2016!

Eve after Christmas

I really wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Christmas. Doesn’t always work out, but today it went rather smoothly for a change. 1st. one of my hubster’s friends called in which worked out supper for his temperament. The  food was done well and on the table just after the family finished opening their gifts. Everyone was happy with what they got so that too went smooth. The best part was that it was family, in great spirits and very happy. Thank Goddess for rare favors!


There are times …

There are times when one has to think … Is this all worth it? Not trying to be cynical or even glib, but this is one of those days in the holiday season when I have to wonder why I am doing anything for the season. Now don’t get me wrong, I happen to like decorating, festive music and the like but when ideas fall short and money is super non existent and family doesn’t even try but expect you to carry the brunt of everything I ask you … Is it all worth it?!?!?!

Made it through …. What a thing to say!

With a heavy sigh I have to utter these horrifying words “Well, I made it through Christmas!” Now don’t get me wrong, I love the season winter with Yule, Christmas, decorations, music and snow. The problem is that this year I couldn’t get it together! Everything fell a bit flat. I wanted to bake, looked at the stove and felt like heaving! THIS IS NOT ME! I tell myself and try to force the issue. Problem is that in a way, it was me. I don’t know if it was a lack of a support system, my son not even caring to help by decorating our house and his grandmas. Maybe it was the fact that my husband was miserable driving 200+ miles a day just to pay off bills. I just can’t seem to figure it out! I did (finally) get my birthday tree and decorated it. I even decorated the huge window in white cascading icicle lights and LED bulbs.

Birthday tree Simple fan decor Head of the bed Bedroom Door 1 Bedroom door 2 Stairway to hev... I mean bedroom Birthday tree view 2

Then Hubster asked for me to decorate the bedroom. Which I did and he “SEEMED” to really appreciate it. Then there were the cards. I was late getting those out as well! I felt like I was drowning in the season rather than enjoying it.

Now we hope for the fresh, new year!

Ho ~ Ho ~ Humbug!

Despite my best efforts I can’t get into the spirit of things. I seemed to help my husband and friends, but for me? No way! I feel rushed, stretched, exhausted and down right moody. For me this year it is just another day. I do have many gifts bought and been playing the music and DVD’s of the season, but even they have fallen flat. My cards won’t be sent out til after Christmas and my baking also won’t be done til then. I am putting on a “happy” face for the sake of my family and friends. Just wish this year it didn’t feel so … not worth the effort!

Holiday rush!

It isn’t the gifts, the cards, the material things which make the season what it is. Actually in a way that is only part of it. But the main thing is family. Spending time with friends and family, decorating, making home and hearth warm and inviting. Even baking brings people together. Then you have the commercial side of it. Buy, buy, buy! The commercials want us to spend money on things, which really don’t mean anything but to the bottom-line-end-of-the-year-sales-quota! We are encouraged from before summer ends, to open and our pocket books to buy cars, computers, complicated phones and overpriced clothes, jewelry and games. If we don’t we are considered to be “depriving our kids” what makes them popular!

We are once again put into the position of having to weigh out what society tells us we should be as opposed to what we actually should be. I shutter every time a car commercial, Smart-phone commercial, etc, comes onto the computer and says “BUY THIS OR YOU AREN’T American!” You order things on line, then find out they are not from America but coming out of China (So sorry but this you won’t get from 1-2 months from now)! So not only are you not getting quality but shamed because you kid/friend/family member won’t get it under their tree on time! Yeah. Merry Christmas! I have paired things down to baked goods, home made crafty items and the occasional DVD/Book/what-have-you which I can order and get before Nov. and KNOW it is quality. So to all of you who go to the so-called Black Friday/Monday sales, and rush out to buy stuff they no longer have in stock. Remember, it is the thought, which counts, not how much you spend, and making something means so much more because of the effort you put into it!

Christmas ormament decor