Bundle of lousy falls in heaps!

Ever hear the term “If it rains it pours” and “Feast or famine?” Well, these terms have been running through my life lately.  First, my son gets ill and doesn’t tell us then has to drop his classes and retake them on his own. Then the “newest car” we got last year we’ve been pouring money into it like it has holes in it! The latest charge? over $400 to replace the power steering. It is costing us more to rebuild it than we paid for it!!!

Feeling kind of low about this since my hubster got a case of the gray clouds once he got the latest charges. Just needed to blow this out so I don’t get as far down as he is feeling. So my newest term for the same ideas is “Bundle of lousy falls in heaps” … How’s that for a name!

Here I go again!

Just an update and warning for the day. 1. Never come indoors into a dark room on a bright sunny day. now for the update. 2. Did it again! I slammed my foot into a chair, (the recliner) and I think I busted the the middle toe on my LEFT foot.
Thus saying, I hurt no matter how I try to walk carefully and there goes my plans for a thorough cleaning of the house before Easter.