The start of my fall musings.

The leaves are just starting to change to yellow. Today was cold and ugly out. My husband went out into the garden and came back saying my tomato¬† plants are actually still producing tiny green tomatoes. So far he has counted about 5. I didn’t go out today because it seems I have a pinched nerve in my hip. The last time this happened in was in my teens! Decided on Blueberry sour-cream pancakes today. As usual I asked our friend to join us but he was in Aberdeen so didn’t make it. <Sigh> At least I got a little rest. Working on sewing this next two weeks, and maybe an apple pie or two. If they turn out I will post photos.

Prep for breakfast!

If anyone gets the food network they would be familiar with the series “The Prairie woman cooks,” her cookbooks and the recipe for her sour-cream pancakes … This is how many of our Saturdays go. My husband is Diabetic so we stick with a very simple but filling breakfast all week and on the weekends we sort of splurge. We sometimes have french toast with Almond extract, nutmeg and cinnamon, or maybe beacon or sausage with eggs over easy and one of my homemade breads, or (like this Saturday) I make those sour-cream pancakes filled with blueberries a small dish of fruit, sausage patties for the guys, juice and some of my Door County flavored coffee. Now when I do this our bachelor friend (J S) comes over to share in the treat. This gives my husband and he a chance to “talk shop” from one retired person to another. Well, last Saturday everything was ready to go so when J never showed at 9am we got worried. At 930 I called and he said there was an emergency and he wouldn’t make it. Turns out the company van (he does this part time) he was driving to pick some workers up had gone over a steep embankment and was buried in mud to the undercarriage of the van. Needless to say we are on again for 9am and (like last time) I got everything staged so that I can make them. Now all I have to do is TRY and sleep, get up at 7am and get both Sadie and Gidget to Mom’s then put the wet ingredients in and put the pancakes on the griddle. After breakfast I make the hot cross buns, and a doz. bran muffins for one of my clients. Boy they were sure right when they stated “A woman’s work is never done.” Good night all!