Wonderful, wonderful, critical people

I have found lately that the more people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to criticize what others think or write. If you make a comment that is against some “minority group’s” comment you are labeled a hater of that group. When you state something that comes up in studies which a religious group seems to think puts their heroic leader in a bad light, you are labeled stupid or ignorant. And if you make some comment about what you have found, there are those who make a comment that they won’t make a comment and them proceed to write a long dissertation as to why they aren’t leaving a comment and how wrong you are (again) to put down their hero. When I post, it is to put forth my comments/opinions/observations. I don’t expect people to either agree or disagree with me. If I want a reply/observation/opinion I do ask. Currently I have people on this place, twitter and a couple other places who all they do is post “hate” messages and give no real reasonable conversation about what I post. I may not happen to agree, but I try to hold a constructive conversation. Problem is these people seem bent on not reading all the way through and call me untruthful, a bigot, and ignorant. Why is it people don’t seem to want to have a civil/constructive conversation. This I am posting out of exasperation since on of the posters seems to think waiting over a month or more will change the outcome and my mind.


Blues ~ The end of summer …

The summer is winding down and we will soon be closing the park down for the fall/winter season. At least the museum and gift shop part of the park. Next week my husband takes our son down to Rapid to set him up in his apartment and then the next Monday he starts his classes. I have another dental apt. the week of the 22nd so at least I will see him after he starts school before going home. He has not really been on his own for over a week and then he was not far from his grandmother’s house. Not sure how she will take it either. Not really happy about the distance even though at the same time I know this will be good for him. After Labor day I will be concentrating on my hand sketched Christmas cards and Jewelry sets which I am hoping to sell at the fall/winter(?) fair this year. Plus I have to set up all the cards I send out to family and friends as well! Didn’t get the chance to get all the Christmas stuff done while I had money coming in but hopefully my art studio will give me inspiration to actually get stuff done to sell! Anyway, hope your summer was great and will continue blogging til (at least) the end of 2016!

Woes of passwords

I was really afraid I would not come back to this site. Seems that when setting up an account for my husband, I had to log off this one. I had just changed the password. So I asked for a reset, and guess what!! I found out that I could not get into my email which is attached to this account either! To make a longer story short I set up another site under RevKMorey (Sagredfoxglen1) and now have a site I will probably use for other things (not sure what as of yet.) So now that I am back, I will rework my spiral cheat sheet of sites and passwords, yet again! Lord I HATE the fact we need to complicate our lives with complex passwords just because some rotten apple can hack into things!

Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

I just go onto this “NEW” version of word press. It was fine the way it was. I could find what I needed and didn’t have to go through hoops to relearn the site. NOT HAPPY! Bing is doing this, Yahoo is doing this, and the older version was better. Why are we now having it here! I WANT THE OLD SITE BACK!

WHAT is going on!

I have been trying to get on my word press posts today and instead of letting me on it keeps asking for me to sign in! EVEN WHEN I DID! Does WordPress have another site to log onto aside from the site I have in favorites and been using since I signed on to here? Is anyone else having this problem? I even sent them a question but haven’t received an answer! I am sure I haven’t violated their rules, even though that was their main reason given for this very problem. YIKES! Can anyone (including WordPress) explain what the problem is!?!?!