Made it through …. What a thing to say!

With a heavy sigh I have to utter these horrifying words “Well, I made it through Christmas!” Now don’t get me wrong, I love the season winter with Yule, Christmas, decorations, music and snow. The problem is that this year I couldn’t get it together! Everything fell a bit flat. I wanted to bake, looked at the stove and felt like heaving! THIS IS NOT ME! I tell myself and try to force the issue. Problem is that in a way, it was me. I don’t know if it was a lack of a support system, my son not even caring to help by decorating our house and his grandmas. Maybe it was the fact that my husband was miserable driving 200+ miles a day just to pay off bills. I just can’t seem to figure it out! I did (finally) get my birthday tree and decorated it. I even decorated the huge window in white cascading icicle lights and LED bulbs.

Birthday tree Simple fan decor Head of the bed Bedroom Door 1 Bedroom door 2 Stairway to hev... I mean bedroom Birthday tree view 2

Then Hubster asked for me to decorate the bedroom. Which I did and he “SEEMED” to really appreciate it. Then there were the cards. I was late getting those out as well! I felt like I was drowning in the season rather than enjoying it.

Now we hope for the fresh, new year!

Long day …

I had made an appointment with the eye doctor in N Dakota because for the last month my right eye has been really fuzzy (more so than usual), itchy and crusty. It even felt irritated. Well, last night our friend asked me to look in on and feed his menagerie of cats, the only one that is truly his resides in his house, the rest (about 6 – 8 depending on time of day) are strays. So at 8AM I went to mom’s and dropped off the girls, got gas for the trip, hit the bank and picked up the key to his house. We then left town around 830 getting to our destination around 915 (as I said the towns are small and very spread out. We picked up the dog food there since then to the appointment. At 1030 the doctor was ready and (with my glasses on) proceeded to check my vision, he took them off having me “Look at my left ear … ” “… right ear … ” etc. He then added yellow drops to my eyes and repeated the process. WEIRD! I saw my veins in my eye lids!! Kind of cool actually. His verdict? I have a rough callus on the lid but I have to wait until July to have it removed by a specialist. So … I am stuck with this irritation until then.

Bummer of a day

I guess today I am feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick off and on for a couple of weeks now (not normal for me) and am getting no help or sympathy from the other half. I know he doesn’t tolerate illness in others and this is no acceptation.  A friend on Y/A posted that for the past 4 years since her husband had bypass surgery he had become selfish and hateful. Mine on the other hand seemed to go the opposite direction, except when it came to being around sick people. He expects me to cook, clean and take care of him when I get sick and makes it a point to point out all the flaws during this time. So I sit here with a sore throat, cough, chills and feeling weak while he demands “service.” It wouldn’t be so bad if it still wasn’t snowing … So this is my pity-party for one. Sorry about the rant but I had to post something.