Finally, some alone time!

My hubster came back from Michigan last week and promptly ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. Still don’t know what caused the pain, but it is an off again on again thing that the doc. can’t seem to pin down. After he got home we had two days of “lovie dovie” and now it is “We need to pair down and clean things out!” Today, however, he went with his narcissistic friend for the day to N. Dakota. I can heave a sigh of relief so I can do what I want to do, not what he demands. This includes some meditation and relaxation. HAZZAH!!!!! Just not looking forward to his coming home with his friends ideas filling his head and personality.

Monday Monday … Looks good to me!

Today was long yet it helped since I had a little time to relax. One of the first days in a long time when I took the time for myself. I spent time just puttering around. No real work, just doing searches on the web and general reflections. I was alone with my two furbabies and ran one errand for my mom, picked up an iced mocha-coffee then found a scarf which will make a nice sash for my teal peasant skirt. I will be picking it up by Friday. The reflections were to do with how I want my life to go if I am once again on my own. I decided that my shop will be a small one featuring some leather bracelets, my teas and coffees of course, some things for kids who like RPG off line games and maybe some cleaning solutions (made from herbs and water),  soap and a few other small items. I decided that I will start wearing my capes, boots, peasant blouses, shirts and the like.  I know I can make it because I have done these things before and actually it worked so I don’t see why it won’t work now.

You know if I could have three days per week I think I will be better for it. Like the song says Monday looks good to me.

I sing a song of hermits

I hate crowds. I don’t play well with others, I love being alone in nature, I want to be alone…. These are the sentiments of someone who could make a great hermit. I think that might be true of many of us who like our privacy, and no one prying into our lives. What about you? Are you feeling like singing a song of hermits?