Pipe line truth or dare!

I happen to be Cree, and I also have happened to do my research on the pipe line and what is happening in N. Dakota.

  1. The pipe line is not on Indian land.
  2. There are 5 other pipe lines which date back to the late 1800’s which are probably more apt to leak and cause more damage than what is currently being installed.
  3. Those who are postdating this are like the scabbers who were brought into the area to disrupt negotiations with union reps.back during the time of Taft.
  4. If they were so worried about this why did they wait until all the LEGAL permits were issued  They were invited to talk about their concerns but never showed.
  5. Those who are protesting are thug and have caused more harm to those who live and work the lands of N. Dakota as well as disrupting traffic and causing harm to those not even involved.

Sure we have a right to demonstrate or voice our protests, but in a peaceful way. I know I may not be popular with my opinions, but I state things as I see them and in this case once I have done the research. It saddens me that we have become so reliant on the idea that government should care for us and that we should make people pay for the crimes of those who the current population had no control over. I say we should cut the apron strings and start taking responsibility for our own lives and our own actions. PC only weakens us and relying on those to tell us what to do when we know it is NOT the right thing also undermines our welfare and  our lives.  Get rid of those who are telling us that violence is right. And get rid of those who threaten this country by paying thugs and people from other states to do their dirty work and claim it is for the good of the Native Americans. THAT is a down right lie!  To get rid of the pipeline will also make us vulnerable to those who control the oil in other countries. Let’s get over this crap and get back to living our lives without violence.

Observations of people and behavior

I often wonder if people realize why some people NEED to talk in detail or (as some people who are not so tolerant) go off on a tangent. I have experienced this myself. When someone gets excited and want to actually talk in detail some people curtail what they are saying. Usually the person  is excited about the subject so they get very excited and want to share that joy with those they are talking to, and/or they are being kept from flourishing by those who seem to believe they need to be micro-managed and kept away from those who can help them flourish.
It seems that those who do this to the excited person tend to be those who want to be in the lime-light or be the center of attention and are not even aware they are doing this. If they are aware, they tend to believe that they need to keep the other person in check and punish them if they step out of line. The punishment usually includes telling the person they talk too much, they are including too much information, they are stupid and shouldn’t open their mouth because they have no idea what they are talking about.
Sad that people are so sure that certain people should never open their mouth (usually due to gender or fear that the person who wants talk will take the attention away from them because they are as or more intelligent than them.)
Unfortunately, this is predominate in small towns or areas where women are considered eye candy only. Plus those who micro-manage them surround themselves with others of like mind and/or use BS and smooth talking to convince others they are right and the object of their concern are nuts or evil. Sad no one but those who go or have gone through this themselves can spot it.

Why do people think Paganism is embarrassing?

Have you ever run across the excuse of the family/spouse’s/Child’s religion was an embarrassment? Why would a person’s personal/private spiritual beliefs be an embarrassment to anyone? Paganism or Polytheists usually don’t advertise their beliefs, especially if they believed that doing so could cause them persecution, or harm to themselves or their loved ones.
It seems that more and more people of the monotheistic persuasion are putting false labels on Paganism lately. Some of the terms used are as follows: Delusional, hateful, liars, selfish, and more. It is done to discredit those of us who want nothing to do with the religions Some even go as far as declaring that they would use the fact someone practiced Paganism against them in order to put her in her place. The person, a man, said that she thought she was entitled and therefore better than men. I mean really! We don’t advertise, we prefer to be left alone and we use our abilities to better our lives and the lives of our families and friends. The afore mentioned woman, has many friends who are Christian and is a retailer who sells to pagans, as well as Christians. I am a pagan, and have discussed the bible with a Priest of both the Catholic and Lutheran faiths. Neither of them know what my religious persuasion is, and have never asked. Since my studies cover all belief systems I tend to discuss and know the bible very well…
We pagans know better than to think we are better than anyone else. We do charitable work but never brag about it. We are not all feminists; some of us are mothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and more. We respect life and the right to choose our own path that we wish to walk. We are strong, gentle and kind to others. So next time someone decides that you should not believe as you want, or run your life as it suits you, take a good look at that person. You might find out that he/she is accusing you of exactly what they are.

What’s wrong with most men today!

This is not regarding all men, but is about those I have been having to deal with since moving to the Midwest! I was just informed that I was a crazy liberal feminist who had to be put in my place and that my religious beliefs (which I don’t advertise in the town I live in) would be used against me! I was informed that I was here to “take care of men” and sat on my duff all day and did nothing. That I was a burden and an embarrassment because I happen to be pagan and that was what fueled my delusions of being better than men. WTF! This seems to be the general consensus of 90% of the men I have been running into lately. I don’t work because 1. There really are no jobs in this town for people who were not born here, or a man (I prefer working with cattle but no one will hire a 50+ woman to do a “man’s” job) and 2. my husband prefers that I am home working my crafts and helping around the house. I am currently editing a book for a friend. My religious and political beliefs I don’t talk about and are nowhere near what they want people to think I believe. Funny but they think I will be submissive and cow down to them because they are holding this over my head. The problem for them is 2 can play at this game and without solid proof, they are only spouting hot air. The problem for me? Most women in this town will go along with it because they haven’t the strength to stand against the lies. Think about it!



When technology breeds cowards and liars instead if compassion and strength

Had been on F B today. Someone posted a photo which I think I saw (I believe) on here and people were talking with compassion about someone on line. Some guy touted that it was was not compassion if you stated it on like. I countered and asked for his definition of the word stating that for many this IS their only link to their family and friends. The guy spouted that his “powerful magic fingers” deleted us. The question is still up there and he provided himself to be a coward, braggart and liar. It is sad really that people will really be that way and use technology to spread hatred, lies and stupidity, hiding behind those “powerful magic fingers” which they seem so proud of but are so weak as they are.

Observing interactions of men and women.

I have a friend who lived in an abusive household. She had to work to pay for all her family’s possessions, bills, food and more since she was in High School. Because of this she never graduated and her mother raised her brothers to expect her to take care of them as well. She tried getting out, taking an apartment and working, but was kicked out of the place because of her mother. Since then she has been stuck at the house she paid for which her mother put into her brother’s name, not hers, cleaning up after her brother.
Today at coffee, a “well meaning friend” started telling her she had to get an apartment and leave her brother. The only problem is she has not worked since last summer (she is a roofer) and that was sparse because her brother undermined every job she went for. PLUS her two brothers (one who plans on returning to her town) will cause the same problems if she tries again. She needs money to get out and every time she tries to raise it she is sabotaged. I know this because I have seen this and met both boys. The problem is she explains and those who in their “infinite wisdom” whom tell her to get an apartment, won’t listen … or rather don’t hear. They say her mom is dead so she should have no problem getting a place of her own. Her younger brother rigged a platform to collapse so she was laid up for 2 years and has to start all over. The other brother says she has no right to go out on her own and is planning to “teach her a lesson” for such thoughts. No one in this town believes her. I have seen this and been accosted by the “sweet boy” whom everyone says she lies about.
So in all this everyone says her being in the predicament she is in is HER fault. I know better. I just wish there was a way to help her get the funds to get her own place so she could disappear and start living her live as she should. No one listens and everyone blames her. They don’t care that what she says is true. GODDESS HELP HER!