Bummed …

Our trip First we got a late start (Hubby was missing some meds and it didn’t get here til 10 this morning. When we finally got on the road, every thing was good, until we were 150 miles out, and the car dumped it’s oil. That was around noon. We had to wait 5 hours for the tow truck. We were lucky we didn’t blow the engine, but that killed the trip for awhile. I am sooooo bummed!

2 thoughts on “Bummed …

    • We took three steps back and punted… We still plan to do this, but it won’t be until next year sometime. Hubby is working on the inside of the trailer to make it more efficient. His “Friend” is suppose to be helping fix up an old van so it too will be road worthy. In the mean time I am going through everything I own and downsizing so when we do go I will know what I need to pack. Never went on a camp across the US before.

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