Where can one live to be alone?

I have the travel bug again. I am looking for a piece of property near the Canadian boarder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I don’t want to be a big city, and a small town is nice, but I want to live in the wilderness. I have been in cities, small towns and in rural areas, but they are all the same … filled with personalities who tend to drag you down. When I think I have actually found a place that is perfect, the prices skyrocket to the realm of ridiculously unattainable.  My husband is more interested in a small lot somewhere with only an acre or two. Trouble is that means we have to be in a town or somewhere where I can not have small farm animals, nor a place to hunt/fish for food should I not make it to town.

Ah well. One can always hope that they can find the ideal place in the right price, but for me, I am still looking.

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