My husband is planning a trip next month. We plan on starting our trip on the 6th of Aug.  We will be visiting the Michigan area, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and the norther Dakotas.  I’m hoping to do some antiquing and crafts along the way.  I will try to take plenty of photos and include a description of some of the places we visit.

More later …

Where can one live to be alone?

I have the travel bug again. I am looking for a piece of property near the Canadian boarder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I don’t want to be a big city, and a small town is nice, but I want to live in the wilderness. I have been in cities, small towns and in rural areas, but they are all the same … filled with personalities who tend to drag you down. When I think I have actually found a place that is perfect, the prices skyrocket to the realm of ridiculously unattainable.  My husband is more interested in a small lot somewhere with only an acre or two. Trouble is that means we have to be in a town or somewhere where I can not have small farm animals, nor a place to hunt/fish for food should I not make it to town.

Ah well. One can always hope that they can find the ideal place in the right price, but for me, I am still looking.