Hot and sticky today

I know it says 91 today, but it feels more like 120! There is a touch of humidity in the air which lends to some stick clothes and uncomfortable situations when it comes to being out and about. The problem is that it is suppose to be getting hotter into the weekend and on into next week. Just wish I weren’t working in a dreary cave like¬† building tomorrow … sure it is cooler in there, but the place is dark and depressing! Oh for some greenery and water features to help not only cool one down but which lends a wee bit of calm into the mixture! But I guess when ones lives on the prairie one should expect that of ones environment.

And the heat goes on … the heat goes on …

Yap, it is definitely summer! It hasn’t been this hot this soon since we moved here 10 years ago next Monday!¬† I hat the heat and humidity and it hates me. Would rather spend it in the water if this keeps up. Too bad there is no beach or water falls here. I might actually do it!