via Daily Prompt: Yarn

Colors of many hues, made of things such as cotton, wool, flax (etc) and textures which range from soft to rough. Yarn use to be carded and hand spun but now is created by machine. There are those of us who have tried our hand at the old arts and old ways. Those who say it is hard work and a lot of trouble tend to forget that it is also rewarding and soothing as well. In an age for “I don’t have time for … ” it is well worth working with. I feel sad for those who have never even tried to work with this amazing fiber.

On the other side of the coin, yarn also refers to stories. It was once not uncommon to hear someone referring to “spinning a yarn” and even this now is vanishing from our lives and cultures. So sad …

There is so much more to us than you want to see!

Pagans, at least those who were of the smaller groups, seemed to see women as more than just a walking talking baby maker/milk cow. I have a mind, I want to learn, I am creative and can be fierce. Sure, I can actually go off and talk your ear off, usually people say I start in the middle and confuse them further by talking in circles. I can actually offer many great ideas yet since I have no support or back up, they just remain ideas. What am I? So much more than you realize.