More crap from Yahoo & Microsoft!

I wonder why they think we are stupid? I updated my Yahoo account about three weeks ago, and Yahoo keeps sending me requests to “update your yahoo account” because it is out of date. And Microsoft has made all their free games only a three week trial and won’t let me play them any more. I am also, because I refuse to opt into their monthly rental on their Microsoft office, getting demands that I upgrade to their rental because my version (the last one they put onto a DVD) is “out of date!”
W.T.F!  I will not rent a program which in the long run costs me more than one I down load off a disk that has everything I need on it and can use for many years on any computer I own for less than the rental itself! And their guys had the GALL to tell me that if I can’t afford their so called cheep rentals how could I afford a computer in the first place? Now I somehow got one note onto my computer. I have tried to uninstall it and it says the program is not on my computer! If it isn’t then why must I sign onto it before using my computer?
I want less corporate interference in my life as well as less government! Ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my computer has been a nightmare! Microsoft and now Yahoo! LEAVE ME, MY COMPUTER and WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!!!



6 thoughts on “More crap from Yahoo & Microsoft!

  1. I’m sorry for your from a but you just made my night. Hahahaha I thought I was the only one that hated Windows 10. Ever since I updated my computer to 10 I can’t get any of the apps I used to get with Windows 8 for free. They are either unavalible or cost me money to use them. Ughhh We spend a lot of money for the computer, then they want to milk us dry. I’m also totally fed up with Facebook too, but that’s a different thing all together.
    Well carry on and keep fighting the fight. I’m here with you.
    Hugs, SunRay Sorceress

      • Actually Kotah takes over our bed at night. Sadie (the 7 yr. old lab) plays like a puppy with him around. It is funny when Kotah decides to sleep on the bed, he will wrap up in the sheets and blankets (Ed calls him a hog) and then slides off onto the floor taking them with him. When we head to the Dentist (6 hours from our place) Kotah rides with us and Sadie stays with Mom. Next week we pick up my son for Thanksgiving and Kotah will be getting to know him… Sat is our Christmas fair. I am hoping to have my cards done and sealed by Friday and a stack of beaded pendents ready to go. I am also hoping to get a few batches of Rum balls ready as well, but right now I hope we get snowed in Sat. and the event is postponed until after Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend!

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