Blues ~ The end of summer …

The summer is winding down and we will soon be closing the park down for the fall/winter season. At least the museum and gift shop part of the park. Next week my husband takes our son down to Rapid to set him up in his apartment and then the next Monday he starts his classes. I have another dental apt. the week of the 22nd so at least I will see him after he starts school before going home. He has not really been on his own for over a week and then he was not far from his grandmother’s house. Not sure how she will take it either. Not really happy about the distance even though at the same time I know this will be good for him. After Labor day I will be concentrating on my hand sketched Christmas cards and Jewelry sets which I am hoping to sell at the fall/winter(?) fair this year. Plus I have to set up all the cards I send out to family and friends as well! Didn’t get the chance to get all the Christmas stuff done while I had money coming in but hopefully my art studio will give me inspiration to actually get stuff done to sell! Anyway, hope your summer was great and will continue blogging til (at least) the end of 2016!


4 thoughts on “Blues ~ The end of summer …

  1. Do you sell your Witchy wares online? I’d really like to check it out.
    Also, I feel as the work on your teeth progresses you’ll get more inspired. 🌞
    I’m getting excited about Samhain. I’m checking out all the different ways of decorating on Pinterest. Lol

    • Not yet. I am going to work on those crafts/wares once the studio is finished. I will probably post them here as I finish them. Most of what I make/sell are made to order. My questions include, what are your favorite colors/scents and animals. I customize many of my cards that way as well. Let me know and I will create something special for you! Once the museum/park/gift shop closes I will have more time to work on them. πŸ˜€

      • This would so amazing. My Favorite scents are cherry blossom, black liquorice, rosemary and oregano. Oh and the ocean. Lol
        Favorite color is forest green and favorite animals are black cats, golden eagles and hedgehogs.
        I am allll over the place, maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini. Hahaha

      • That is my son’s sign! And my dad’s mom too! I will make a note of these for when I actually get things in full swing. I may make you something for your collections πŸ˜€

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