Observations of people and behavior

I often wonder if people realize why some people NEED to talk in detail or (as some people who are not so tolerant) go off on a tangent. I have experienced this myself. When someone gets excited and want to actually talk in detail some people curtail what they are saying. Usually the person  is excited about the subject so they get very excited and want to share that joy with those they are talking to, and/or they are being kept from flourishing by those who seem to believe they need to be micro-managed and kept away from those who can help them flourish.
It seems that those who do this to the excited person tend to be those who want to be in the lime-light or be the center of attention and are not even aware they are doing this. If they are aware, they tend to believe that they need to keep the other person in check and punish them if they step out of line. The punishment usually includes telling the person they talk too much, they are including too much information, they are stupid and shouldn’t open their mouth because they have no idea what they are talking about.
Sad that people are so sure that certain people should never open their mouth (usually due to gender or fear that the person who wants talk will take the attention away from them because they are as or more intelligent than them.)
Unfortunately, this is predominate in small towns or areas where women are considered eye candy only. Plus those who micro-manage them surround themselves with others of like mind and/or use BS and smooth talking to convince others they are right and the object of their concern are nuts or evil. Sad no one but those who go or have gone through this themselves can spot it.


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