Reality vrs SCRIPTED reality

Normally I keep as far away from politics as possible … However … With all the mudslinging lately I would like to make some small observations. Hillery. Sure, she is a woman and EVENTUALLY we should have a woman in the white house, but not her. I don’t trust her so NO, I would not vote for her. The thing is I would not want another politician in the white house. As for Trump, he makes mistakes. So what? He admits it! People say he takes pleasure in saying “you’re fired” and targets women. First off they are siting a “REALITY SHOW” which is an oxymoron since the shows are geared towards this. They are SCRIPTED! I watched them and most of the women on there were clueless to start with. If it had been Evona Trump doing this no one would think twice! Come on people, if it doesn’t work out there is something called Impeachment! USE IT! The only reason you didn’t do it for the current Pres. is because he kept pulling the racist/bigot card when we wanted to get rid of him and we like little sheep cowed down to him. We hired him, and if he doesn’t do the job, FIRE HIM!

Non profits? I don’t think so.

I know a bit about what PBS gets for finding since I happen to know several people who work on their fundraising committees. I also know that they get a hefty chunk of change from the government. So when they say they are so poor that they can not offer the public free programing so they “have to charge a monthly fee” for older shows and shows that are free on regular TV then something is wrong. I hope others see this and band together to get rid of their “passport” program. It is not right that they should take advantage of their watchers when they should be getting enough money in their budget to take care of whatever they need. If they start charging, they are no longer a non-profit organization and no longer serve the needs of their viewers.