Why do people think Paganism is embarrassing?

Have you ever run across the excuse of the family/spouse’s/Child’s religion was an embarrassment? Why would a person’s personal/private spiritual beliefs be an embarrassment to anyone? Paganism or Polytheists usually don’t advertise their beliefs, especially if they believed that doing so could cause them persecution, or harm to themselves or their loved ones.
It seems that more and more people of the monotheistic persuasion are putting false labels on Paganism lately. Some of the terms used are as follows: Delusional, hateful, liars, selfish, and more. It is done to discredit those of us who want nothing to do with the religions Some even go as far as declaring that they would use the fact someone practiced Paganism against them in order to put her in her place. The person, a man, said that she thought she was entitled and therefore better than men. I mean really! We don’t advertise, we prefer to be left alone and we use our abilities to better our lives and the lives of our families and friends. The afore mentioned woman, has many friends who are Christian and is a retailer who sells to pagans, as well as Christians. I am a pagan, and have discussed the bible with a Priest of both the Catholic and Lutheran faiths. Neither of them know what my religious persuasion is, and have never asked. Since my studies cover all belief systems I tend to discuss and know the bible very well…
We pagans know better than to think we are better than anyone else. We do charitable work but never brag about it. We are not all feminists; some of us are mothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and more. We respect life and the right to choose our own path that we wish to walk. We are strong, gentle and kind to others. So next time someone decides that you should not believe as you want, or run your life as it suits you, take a good look at that person. You might find out that he/she is accusing you of exactly what they are.


22 thoughts on “Why do people think Paganism is embarrassing?

  1. ‘We are strong gentle and kind to others.’
    Many religious groups would apply this label to their particular group.
    I am always wary when one labelled group of human beings claims characteristics for the whole group.
    All Americans are loud- mouthed.
    All Englishmen are shy and reserved.
    Let’s take individuals as we find them and stop generalising.

    • Those I have had the pleasure of meeting have proven to be just that, and more so than most so called Christians whom I have associated with. I am not saying there are not people in that category, just that in general this is what I have found, especially in the bible belt. I am also not saying all Pagans are that way, just the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the last 50 years. I am going my my experiences and what I have seen over those years. Yes, everyone generalizes, but it doesn’t mean that for them it isn’t true.

      • I expect like me you follow : birds of a feather flock together. We quickly learn who we are comfortable with.
        I noted with a smile you said ‘so called Christians’ , that little phrase speaks volumes. Christianity has so infiltrated the thinking of the west we equate it with a sacrificial loving character and anyone who bares the label Chirstian must match up to that.
        Is not curious no one says those so called Americans , or so called Germans.
        I’m a 74 year old retired Englishman.but I have learnt labels mean very little only character counts.

      • Absolutely! What part of England? Some day I could love to visit. I have found the most who throw the name Christian about usually don’t follow the teachings of their Christ, but of his followers who had a tendency to push their beliefs onto others and force others to follow their way. Sure I know there are bad apples in all beliefs, but I follow those who live their beliefs rather than spout empty words. Like you say, labels mean nothing if the Character is not there.

      • Some of those teachings are impossible without great personel sacrifice and thats the one thing none of us like .
        I’m on the south coast near the sea.

      • Lucky! I love the sea. I am stuck on the planes. We are on the far N/W corner of the Dakotas on the border on the N and S. A lot of empty land.
        You are right about personal sacrifice and that most don’t like it. Too bad though.
        Hope you are having a wonderful day. The sun is finally peeking through the clouds @ 10 AM MT. We are heading up N/W of us for some shopping. Most of what we get is online, or out of town. Customer service is almost non existent here.

      • The USA is vast England is cosy but congested in parts.
        The beach here is stoney shingle and the everlasting cry of the gulls,as they ride the wind, sets the scene.
        Some drive down and sit looking out of cars at this chilly time of year but the real presence is felt at the waves edge.

      • Oooooo … Are you a writer? Reading this I could see it in my mind! Love to visit some time before I get too old tr travel any longer. Sounds WONDERFUL!

      • Not compared to many; I’m self taught and lack basic grammer.
        I’m pretty widely read but then so I should be at my age.
        How long have you been blogging?

      • Off and on for since 2006. I have been writing as an amiture (and horrible speller) since the late 60’s. I have published a few poems on Poetry.com but nothing much. I am working on a couple of small stories, but need to revise. Still that is what editors are for. 😀

  2. “Freedom of religion” was a significant founding concept of this nation but continues to be applied selectively. It didn’t exist as a concept in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where Puritan dictum was often the law.

    I’ve heard that in opinion polls voters would prefer a woman, African American, Asian or homosexual over an atheist for president. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. (Nothing against any of those prior mentioned groups!) If true, it would indicate how much Americans value metaphysical belief.

    • So true. And actually I don’t really care their religion of gender, as long as they listen to the people and do something to help us instead of digging us deeper in oblivion! Not a Hillery fan.

    • Thanks. I use to write for a local (now defunked) paper and am now trying to collect the scattered thoughts of a 56 years young pagan/crone and put them into articles. Unfortunately where I live I have to put up with people like I wrote about in the blogs. I am currently hoping to publish a bit of what I go through in the mag. Witches & Pagans. I love your writings here as well as the others on here who post about paganism. Say, could you answer something for me? Why is Ritual so important? I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept but have problems understanding it. I am not saying that it isn’t important, it just has never been as important to me since I have never been able to practice openly where I have lived. I am not sure how to approach Lady Beltane so maybe you can help. Thank you ahead of time.

  3. To me, a Ritual is simply certain steps or movements that shows honor to my Goddess or Gods. It’s the same as a ceremony such as a Catholic church service or a wedding and such. It’s simply certain movements in a certain order. Sometimes just standing in an ancient forest of trees can be a Ritual too.
    Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I’m just a 51 year old baby Witch and I’d rather stand in a forest instead of a cold musty church any day of the week. 🙂

    • I understand that concept. It seems most places make it sooo complicated and elaborate! I still think the Catholic Church overdoes things a bit. Now they are singing their prayers! (Mom is Catholic and the priest here is a card!) But I agree, I would rather be outdoors than in any building for any length of time. I guess I do do ritual but in a VERY simple ways. Keep in touch. I like chatting with you. 😀

      • And I you. I feel the same about working spells. Keep it simple and that way the focus is on raising energy and the power that comes from inside “instead of”, Do I have the right ingredients… What are the words I need to memorize… And so on.

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